It’s Obama’s Turn To Be Summed Up

MoveOn asks YouTube generation for help

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Regardless of your political leanings, MoveOn.org makes for a pretty good case study about how to run online campaigns. Following up on the success (relative success, considering Kerry lost) of a 2004 video contest, MoveOn is launching a new one for web-video creators for this election season.

Obama In 30 SecondsObama In 30 Seconds
(Photo Credit: ObamaIn30Seconds.org)

The user-generated video contest is titled "Obama In 30 Seconds," and will be open from March 27 through April 1 for Obama fans wishing to submit their work. The contest is the reverse-incarnation of 2004’s negative campaign, called "Bush In 30 Seconds."

The videos will be available on the Internet for MoveOn members and the public to vote for their favorites. It’s more of a republic than a democracy, though. The top vote-getters will then be judged by a celebrity panel, the roster of which sounds like it should be read on the red carpet.

Actors such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Steve Buscemi, Julia Stiles, director Oliver Stone, producer Russell Simmons, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Moby—who envisioned the first video contest in 2004—and Jesse Jackson will all be judging. The winner will be aired via national tv campaign.



It’s Obama’s Turn To Be Summed Up
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  • Jason Lee Miller

    To commentator below

    I’m an advocate for the defense of online anonymity, as it can be a very important tool of free speech. However, in this case, with so much at stake, the anonymity serves more as a cloak than a shield. You can claim to be who you are and the audience will have to judge based on your words. But it is impossible to do so because you could be any race, creed, political leaning, or with any political camp. It is possible that you work for Clinton or McCain, or whatever and you’ve been sent to reinforce the (somewhat specious) talking points. That being said, I’ll assume you are who you say you are and respectfully disagree. Your argument has a lot of associative claims. I disagree a child is automatically the same religion as his father. I believe Barack is very familiar with the Muslim world (which might be a diplomatic bonus in these difficult times) but I’ll take him at his word that he is a Christian and not an anti-semite. I think it might be very difficult to be an African-American politician in America, and that these loose associations are given too much light.

    Here’s his statement about the minister of his church, not that it’s proof, but that I take him at his word because he has demonstrated honesty and integrity in other matters, which can’t be said about his opponents.


  • Jr Dowdy

    Sounds like he hates American Freedom hates whites wants change but won’t tell us what except that the goverment will take care of us Gee thats not the freedom I want. 20 years under the teachings of some one that hates American WoW. Iam a ex demorcate now, it seems like our decision is always based on the lesser of to evils.. I hope my grandkids have the freedom I enjoyed but it doesn’t look like America is going to stay that way… "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
    safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." – Benjamin Franklin….."If a man neglects to enforce his rights, he cannot complain if, after
    a while, the law follows his example." – Oliver Wendell Holmes


    • Robbie

      Lest we forget, there have been numerous negative commentary and behavior by familiar mainstream clerics related to high elected officials. But we seem to forget or overlook this when convenient. This includes past statements by the beloved Billy Graham, certain Pontiffs and others. [There is ample evidence]. But Nixon, RFK, Reagan and others went on despite this. At the end of the day, this is juicy fodder for online chatter and media talk . However, most people sensibly understand that the proper focus is not the grainy clips or religious affiliation but to look at the actual person running for office. If you operate with a goal of understanding, you seek, learn and understand. If you operate with a goal of proving your point, you remain stuck. But there is a saying, if you need an excuse — anything will do.

  • Guest

    Seems like yoiu are scared of a black man in powere.. and the only recist appears to ne you in the petulant way you try tp defame a good man. 

    • Guest

      the way you spell shows how educated you are.Your opinion? just as stupid

      • chinno canadian

        we re not here to teach or direct in english world cus nobody is perfect in english lets talk about  what is in our pocket right now

        • chinno canadian

          i meant english word

    • Gary

      Of course, whomever disagrees with you is a racist.  Rather than debate the valid points presented, it’s much easier to throw the label "racist" at a person, which, in your feeble mind, undermines all his arguements.  LOL

      Such are the tactics of the modern Demagogue party. (oops did I misspell that?  No) 

  • http://www.theatregiftvouchers.net Theatregiftvouchers

    about the best thing that has come out of obama going for president. ;)

  • Rod Williams


    Ask yourself–If you knew someone who has a history of anti white rants,anti jewish statements and says "GOD DAM AMERICA" while saying the U.S. invented aids to kill blacks…….Would you say in public that this person was a mentor, an inspiration and sit in church and listen to this every Sunday?

    If you still considered this person worthy of your freindship then you obviously are not qualified to be president of this country.

  • Guest

    I can do it in far less than that…

    He’s a cunning, racist, liar who has created his own cult-like following with nothing substantial or positive to contribute to our country. Just words wrapped in pretty (and sheer) celophane, that a lot of people are lapping up, because after having that arrogant tyrant bush in office for far too many years, ruining this country’s economy, attacking other countries without proof of wrong-doing, convincing most of the countries on the planet they should despise us and destroying the general moral of the people here, they want "warm and fuzzy", happy words from someone… anyone… instead of truth and reality.

    I absolutely agree with the "former Muslim woman"… facts are facts people… please investigate for yourselves and don’t simply swallow what the media is spoon-feeding you.

    Do a little research on the web… read a little… then vote for REALITY!

    Senator Clinton ’08!

  • Guest

    Geraldine Ferraro hit the nail, dead center on the head and now obama is calling her a racist? Crucifying her for it?

    For what, stating fact?

    That, my friends, tells you what kind of person he is.

    If obama was white, we’d have dumped the transparent racist the first week.

  • Mouhamad A. Naboulsi

    As a Muslim, let me ask you these questions:

    •  You say that you are not a Muslim now, so why should we believe a facelesss nameless bigot like yourself  about you’re no longer being a Muslim and refute Obama’s faith while he shouts it publicaly from the pulpit?
    • You say that there’s a law in Islam called TAGIYEH.   That is not a law, that is something that some Muslim Shi’a practice in some parts of the world to avoid prosecution as a minority but Obama’s father’s family, AND his step father AND the country where he lived are all Muslim Sunni’s and he would have not learned about it at the young age of 10nish, notr he would have learned about it from an atheist mother, christian grand parents. (Although we Muslim believe all people are born Muslims, we believe faith is a CHOICE AND DEEDs and not inherited)

    Get a life, you are worried about your old fashion America and taking it out on the future.  That is gone for ever (Thnaks to your beloved GW Bush).  Obama and the rest of us will build the new America and get the world behind us because we will shed the ugly image imposed by the few  and show the true image lived by the many.

    p.s.  Peace be upon all.

    • Ms. De Vine

      "(Thnaks to your beloved GW Bush).  Obama and the rest of us will build the new America "

      Okay… you’re scary.

      Simply because you disagree with someone, you resort to remedial name-calling?

      Yeah, I want you building my "new America."

      "beloved GW Bush"???

      I don’t know who’s feeding you THAT crap, but he’s the most hated president EVER in the ENTIRE history of this great country.

      I won’t say something childish, like "get a life", but I’d really like you to get an education, prior to publicly displaying yourself as you have above.

      As a Christian, we believe (because it is written in the Bible), that the only time "world peace" will happen is in the final 7 years, immediately following the rapture. However the Bible says it won’t truly be world peace, but a facade. Pick up a copy and browse it a little, just for fun.

      I just picked up a copy of "The Meaning of THE HOLY QUR’AN" last week, because I like understanding other people, their beliefs and their cultures and I think it’s absurd to group all people together as one, based solely on where their real estate is located or who raised them.

      I do not dislike Obama because he’s black, I do not dislike Obama because he’s Muslim or Christian… I dislike him because he’s deceitful, vague, unqualified to perform the job for which he seeks and loves to play the "race" card every chance he gets.

      Everyone who knows me, knows I’m about the furthest you can get from being racist, however Obama and his clan would label me as such, merely because I do not wish to see him as our president.

      He and his clan love to twist and turn, rip out of context and distort anything and everything that anyone says against him, simply so they can scream "RACIST!", thus instilling in people a sick and twisted kind of "fear" of being called or thought of as a "bigot" or "racist", simply because they choose another candidate over Obama for various reasons.

      I want someone more honest, qualified and capable (preferably someone who’s not acting like a cry baby child in a grown man’s body) to run our country.

      Name-calling is probably not the best way to wish peace on all.

    • Anonymous

      Are you making a threat against my government? It looks like it and reads like it? That’s a crime. I guess that’s why some of us don’t like muslims.

    • warney

      what kind of new america are you talking about?

      the total erosion of our liberties, to make our citizens just as poor as your precious african nations whose leaders run their country in the dirt then have the audacity to beg for help? with his bill  s2433 countries with worse dictator than  our own would just pocket the money and say thanx you chumps. there is no candidate worth voting for, but i’m voting for real change the constitution party which will stand for change for the long abused american american citizen 

      • Guest

        what part of african is poor as indiana.

  • North East Patriot

    It is only a matter of time that the truth will be told. Fortunately we have seen the "Changes" Obama has residing within his heart. None of which will unite this country but will instead divide us to an irrecoverable segregation and ultimate revolution of sorts. Having a black president would be good on one hand as to say to the African Americans, “See, you are equal, now shut the hell up and quit blaming us for things that were done decades before our time!”

    Unfortunately the likely assassination of him may erupt a civil war the likes we have never seen anywhere.  Nothing good can become of this scenario, never mind having a democrat in office….God help us all!

  • Guest debunker

    For those of you who are still following Obama like sheep…

    How many times do you allow someone to slide in their DECEPTION before you say …enough?   I’ve given Obama several passes on examples of his poor judgment but Rev. Wright’s "mentoring" and Obama lying about it is the last straw.  Obama’s flowery, lame excuses (dodging) don’t work anymore!  Actions, again and again, speak louder than words.  Too many assocations with dark & questionable characters…Wright/anti-American/anti-white/jewish hate, Rezko/fraud, Farrakhan/hate, Auchi/fraud, Ayers/bombings. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Saying…I didn’t know…I don’t believe that way…please don’t associate me with these people?  Stop hanging out with them…stop taking money from them…stop excusing yourself!  If you Obama fans continue to follow this so-called "uniter" you’ll be fooling yourself…but please don’t take our country down with you.  Obama’s several examples of POOR JUDGMENT and "unity" is not change we should believe in.


  • Guest

    What has President Bush to gain when he says he is doing this or that for the protection of Americans?  That’s how I measure him.  In fact, his "stick-to-itiveness" cost his party the 2006 election.  He and his party gained nothing.  We can argue the merits, but he truly believes what he is doing is the best way to protect America. 

    As for the domestic agenda, he was slapped pretty hard when he tried changing social security for the betterment of especially young Americans.  The US Government’s Thrift Savings Plan is similar to what he had planned for social security and millions of Federal employees (and Congress) benefit from its use.

    • John

      This is all a big joke. This person,Bush, has done nothing for the American people, since he’s been in office. Bush and Chaney have broken over 750 laws and continue to be secret about all they do. This country is at its lowest ever and this "idiot" in charge has no clue. We are in deep do-do and we dont have a "paddle" big enough to get out.

      Maybe he should be like the strawman, "if I only had a brain" he might have a clue.

      • Christy Bleicher

        I’ll tell you what President Bush has done for this country…he has kept us safe from being attacked on our own soil again. Or, have you dim-witted, spineless liberals forgotten that happened? I voted for him twice and am proud of the fact we have a strong leader. Liberals are all the same…give me, give me, give…won’t work for anything. I guess freedom should be a "hand out", too. Oh, I know national security matters. I am a retired federal security specialist and 1 of only 600 people in the world trained through the USAF PAQ Security Program. I had to work for that but you liberals wouldn’t know about working for anything (including freedom and being free) would you?

        • Guest

          I think it’s time you stop listening to Rush… he has clearly brainwashed you… as he’s done numerous other americans.

        • Tom Watson

          I’ll tell you what President Bush has done for this country…he has destroyed the reputation the likes of his father have made for this great country of ours. The best intelligence is human intelligence, and you invest in your people to achieve that…..people are loosing there homes, gas price is sky rocketting, the so called conservatives are giving tax breaks to the top one percent of the affluents in the society..and the largest spending increase in a generation like a drunking sailor. More calamities have happened to us ever since he took office….He doesn’t even know that Americans are paying $4.00 a gallon at the pump…..more to come.

  • Gary

    Obama joined, and has continued to be a member of, Wright’s hate-mongering "church".  It’s not a question of who wants to associate with YOU, it’s a question of with whom YOU choose to associate.  That’s a different thing entirely.  I’m sorry, but this just can’t be smoothed over with slick rhetoric like "oh, he’s just like a crazy uncle….blah blah blah".  If you though he was crazy, why did you have him marry you, and baptize your children?  Why would you continue your association with him, if you didn’t, at least, agree with the general ideology of the church?  Get real.

  • Guest

    So….other people’s words and their supporters don’t mean "anything" unless of course it’s Barack’s???? So, Hagee, Parsley, Ferraro, Bill Clinton, etc…all provide a "pass" to Hillary and McCain because those weren’t "their" thoughts or words.  Well, damn…HIllary is MARRIED to Bill Clinton and has been since 1975 (that will be 33 years in October) but that doesn’t mean anything…of course!  Let’s see…I don’t remember her DENOUNCING his comments about Jesse Jackson or any of the other ignorant "shtick" that he has said…BECAUSE SHE HASN’T!!!!!!!!!   They are a TEAM..that is why!!!!!!!!!!  But of course, those "racist" comments are "ok" that have come out of Hillary’s camp – she gets a pass!!!!!  What about her "own racially charged" comments about Lyndon Baines Johnson and the civil rights movement – can I at LEAST hold her accountable for those?  After all THOSE WERE HER OWN WORDS…..

    But OF COURSE, Barack’s Pastor’s words are "his" thoughts and feelings, so Barack MUST be unpatriotic and "racist????"  Are you foreal?  Well, some are smoking a big "fatty" on this website as well as it sounds like a BIG double standard! 

    How people spin this to justify is unbelievable…..!  AGAIN, HOLD EVERYONE TO THE SAME STANDARD.   Your "inner" fears are showing people…..

    Let’s just get back to the issues, for God’s sake!  The "spin doctoring" has gotten SO out of control!

  • Bob Hamilton

    I am neither democrat nor republican, I vote for the person that seems to be stable enough to guide a great country and be a sign of hope throughout the world. As I look at the primaries, I see nothing more then a pseudo- American idol show. What a disgrace.
    One side we have Hillary and Obama, running on a platform that they WILL raise taxes, open all the borders, amnesty for people who are stealing us blind, and the best is, they have no long term course economically for the health and wealth of the American people. What the crap?

    On the other side we have Grandpa, what the freaking crap is all I can conjure up about him.

    Where have all the real Americans gone? Is there any body out there that truly cares about the family, the Dad that bust his nuts everyday so that his American family has enough to make a great life? The Mom who binds a family together with unconditional love? Is there a freaking person out there that will run for president with making it a side show? Even more, is the there a person out there that will run without a personal agenda? What am I to do?
    Hillary, A criminal (though not convicted) wants to rape me financially with her stupid health care for everyone, even if you like what you got. Her raping of large corporations profit which will bring the lost of millions of Jobs,  NAFTA, The reintroduction of Bill for another round of who knows what,( a bj is not sex, remember) and a list of things that seem to shred the constitution and bill of rights and install "Hillary’s List of Commandments"
    So She is of my list.

    Obama, Give me a freaking break! I have watched him speak several times. He has no plan! He speaks about nothing. If he was on American Idol, Simon would say" What the hell are you talking about".
    What really concerns me is that we are supposed to trust this guy with our country and he has a murderer out on the trail praising him, (Ted Kennedy, again, though not convicted)
    Raise taxes, free criminals, screw the hard working man,
    so as far as Obama?
     As Ted would say, “adios amigo”.

    John "The Grandpa" McCain. What a jewel. The most hated man in Arizona now makes an appeal to be the most hated in America. What are his plans? Hmmm let’s see. Don’t die, don’t get  Alzheimer’s, support more buses to Las Vegas, get a lower bed so he will be able to get out of it, pay off more friends. The man is a political baphoom.
    How in God’s name do I vote for "Gramps"?

    Hello America is there a person, Male or female out there with gonads the size of Texas? Is there a person out there with the love in their heart the size of Alaska for the American family?

    Great quote;
    "God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion… We have had thirteen States independent for eleven years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half, for each State. What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion?" –Thomas Jefferson

    Conclusion, I am a dad, a husband and an American, I have less then a 7th grade education, I have raised 3 sons , always provided food, a home, schooling, health insurance, Love, laughs and how to be a great American. I still work my butt off and like it!! By the way, I am 55. Why you may ask, I love my family, my country, and all who seek an honorable life.

    I am so sad for my country right now; I hope to die soon so that I may go to my grave leaving an OK America.

    Bob Hamilton,
    (I also sign my letters)

    Unsigned E-mails make heroes out of cowards.


  • Guest

    My take on some of the discussions above and some other things I have read:

    1.  Obama denies being Muslim-however  since he was born to a Muslim father, raised by a Muslim step father in his early years, attended a Muslim school where he was enrolled as a Muslim, that  Muslim’s would identify him as a Muslim, just as Mr. Naboulsi does above.  It is my understanding that the Muslim community would ientify him as a Muslim, based on his name alone.  So even though Obama doesn’t publicly identify himself as a Muslim, Is He a Muslim????  He hasn’t changed his name and he can’t change his parents, although he could say he wasn’t aware and if he had been aware he would have!!

    2.   Obama was born in 1961 and at the tender age of 27 (20 years ago) became a member of Rev Wrights church.  I read or heard somewhere that Obama said Rev Wright led him to "Jesus" in about 1992 (age 30), but it was a gradual thing for him and it was no epiphany.  Obama has said Wright is also his mentor and religious adviser..  How scary is that?  Rev Wright as mentor and religious adviser to a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. 

    Points to consider:

    1. IF Obama becomes president would Muslims consider it a victory????

    2.  What religion was Obama from birth to age 30 (his declaration of Christianity).

    3.  What do we really know about Obama’s early life and beliefs, except what he tells us?

    4.  Obama carefully rejected Wrights comments that have been made public, but attended his church for 20 years, looked up to him as an uncle, etc, etc, but he did not reject Wrights beliefs.  And Wright is conveniently out of the country on sabbatical.  What’s up with that????  Will Wright continue to be Obama’s spiritual advisor????

    5.  Who is Obama???  Will the real Barack Hussein Obama please stand up?? 




    • Guest

      ….and more.

      I feel that CNN, a major news media in every living room is doing a dis-service to every world citizen. Yes, it is a US election but what happens in the US, the whole world is affected.

      I am a proud Canadian but also a proud friend of the USA.

      Now on the "meat" of this discussion. Why has not CNN picked up the story that Obama had lived with his radical Muslim step father and atheist mother in Indonesia and had attended a Muslim school? Are they afraid of the truth?
      They seem to avoid that part of his life totally.

      Now the problem with his pastor is deeping the issue!

      As much as I applaud the openess of the young people in the US, I think they have bend backwards to the frenzy emotions of change. One must define change in the present situation at that time.

      Philosophying change are just empty words without any track record like what Obama has been doing. Working in the streets of Chicago and a senator of two years do not qualify him to be C-in-C of the USA.



  • Ruby

    You’ve convinced me (I’m a D) that to stay the course in terms of foriegn affairs would probably be best. It’s like the bully that showed up every school day just to beat the crap out of me. All she knew about me is that we had the same first name, and I was half her size.

    So yes, the foreigners are bullies and really have no need to share in "peace", and they probably would rather deal with a bully mentality. And your  healthcare and fewer jobs and sucky life points, right-on brother if it really was going to happen like that. I see it playing out much differently with Hillary.

    As a woman, she is much more skilled at problem solving than a man. That’s just a natural fact. So truly, you have no comparism as to how she would deal with things. I’m certain that Hillary would be able to adapt to whatever response is necessary to get the job done. The main point I felt missing from your beautiful prose is that there is a way to take care of all the matters of our wonderful country–at home and abroad, equally. Personally, I miss the day-to-day easiyness of how life was going when the last D was in office. Today, America is suffering more each day and the R just says, hey! we have to make sacrifices to keep us free, and that s the way it is. The difference for me is that Hillary really cares about the people and would be certain to make sure that Americans at home are getting what they need while at the same time giving foreign policy what it needs.

    And, not to sound "pathetic", but a woman would never have designed the Veterans Administration Hospital the way it is.

    You really made some terrific points, and I enjoyed the read. Well, aside from your denigration of the D’s. Oh, and by the way, here in California, It’s been years since people had to wait forever at the DMV. With appointments,  you can get a license in under an hour, I’ve done it.


  • http://www.dove777.com Bob Vann

    Obama has tried to project himself like Marten Luther King, talking about change, this is the change he is talking about that he failed to tell you.

    The global poverty fund supports Africa! The African leaders took the land  and killed the white farmers that fed them. Now Africa want the american people to feed and support them.

    Obama is not a christian, he attends a racist cult church, a minister that hates america and whites. No whites allowed to join his church. A christian church welcomes everyone regardless of race. Obama had to agree with the racist teaching of the church because he has been a member for years.

    The changes Obama is talking about ,

    2433 and H.R. 1302, the "Global Poverty Act". This terrible bill makes
    VERY high levels of U.S. Foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates
    Of the United Nations, and imposes a GLOBAL TAX on American citizens,
    Surrending our sovereignty to the UN.
    This legislation would require the President "to develop and implement a
    Comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy
    Objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of
    Extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development
    Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between
    1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day."
    Jeffrey Sachs, who runs the U.N.’s "Millennium Project," says that the
    U.N. Plan to force the U.S. To pay 0.7 percent of GNP in increased foreign
    Aid spending would add $65 billion a year to what the U.S. Already spends.
    Over a 13-year period, from 2002, when the U.N.’s Financing for
    Development conference was held, to the target year of 2015, when the U.S.
    Is expected to meet the "Millennium Development Goals," this amounts to
    $845 billion. And the only way to raise that kind of money, Sachs has
    Written, is through a GLOBAL TAX, preferably on carbon-emitting fossil
    This is a TERRIBLE idea. Please, do NOT support S. 2433 and H.R. 1302, the
    "Global Poverty Act" that would commit the U.S. To spending 0.7 percent of
    Gross national product on foreign aid, which amounts to a phenomenal
    13-year total of $845 billion over and above what the U.S. Already spends.
    Obama will flood this nation with blacks from Africa and put us under the control of the UN, you will pay tax to the UN and be under their gun ban.
    Obama is not a true Muslim, he is a black racist controlled by the far black left of the democratic party. Ask yourself  who is giving him the money.
    If McCain is elected this nation will continue along the Bush agenda, the economy will get worse and big oil will bleed america. McCain will continue to try to destroy Social Security and the veterans disability benefits. Any man or woman who would ron from our disabled veterans and the elderly of this nation is unfit to be in congress.
    We have no one to we can trust to vote for.
     More ifnromation at: http://www.dove777.com


    • Guest


  • Guest

    I think this Obama thing has been blown out of proportion. One minute we are saying he is a Muslin and when that did not stick , we are now going after his  association with his church. Many of us attend churches whose preachers do not say all the things that we believe in but that is what democracy is all about; every body saying what they feel and persons having a choice to decide what to accept and what to reject.

    Let’s move on with something more substantial like how do we fix the American economy.


  • Jason Lee Miller

    I removed all the text but the link to the article. The author and the publication from where it originated might not be happy having their content posted elsewhere. To read the above, well-written and long article, follow the link.

    I also edited the email address to control for spambots.

  • Susie

    If you are a Christian why is there Not a prayer for G.W. Bush instead of telling him he needs an education? Your telling him to read the bible. It appears maybe you need to do a little reading yourself. We shouldn’t be mouthing off about his position as president when you haven’t been in his shoes and neither have I. God bless you.

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