Interesting Interview With One Of Microsoft’s First Employees

    August 13, 2005

Fun day yesterday. Was on the Gillmor Gang, then went off to interview Marc McDonald.

Don’t know who he is? He’s one of the first 11 Microsoft employees and went to high school with Bill Gates. Left Microsoft in 1984 because it was “too big” but came back in 2000 when Microsoft bought his company. Real nice guy, and whip smart. I couldn’t keep up mentally.

He told me about playing Go and Bridge with BillG in high school (says Bill used to regularly beat him) and also told me that the entire dev team used to live in a single apartment and that they ate way too many meals at Dennys in the early days. Heh.

He’s the guy with the beard/glasses/red shirt in the second row of the photo of the first 11 employees.

He’s now an engineer working on Windows Vista.

In the meantime while I get that video up, you can see an interview I did with the CIO of Overlake Hospital.

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