Interesting Attendance at the Social Media Club

    August 17, 2006

Who is paying attention to new media and online PR?

Who showed up for the first meeting of the Social Media Club tells a story.

Who was paying attention to the uses of Social Media in PR and ideas for the formating of press relases online?

Traditional media The San Jose Mercury and the SF Chronicle

PR Newswire – Mark Nowlan, senior VP of Marketing and Communication flew out from New York for the meeting

The Weblog Wire – A new wire service for bloggers

Thought leaders – Jen McClure of the Society for New Communication Research, Todd Defren of Shift Communications

RSS providers – PRESSfeed

Small agencies – Future Works, San Jose; Topaz, Boston; Expansion Plus, LA, Pat Meier Associates, San Francisco


Who should have been there?

Large PR agencies – Edelman A&R has offices close by

Corporate PR people – there are heaps of big tech companies right in the area

Yahoo News – they have the biggest online news audience right now and we were meeting practically in their backyard.

Google News – The Googleplex is a stone’s throw from where we were

Business Wire – they are currently developing new media and SEO options

Social Media Clubs will be launched in LA, Boston and Florida. Expansion Plus and PRESSfeed will be hosting the first one in LA mid September. If you are in the LA/Ventura/OC area and you’d like to attend, send me an email.

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