imeem Mobile Adds New Features

    February 24, 2009

Social music network, imeem, has introduced an update to its social music application, imeem Mobile, for the Android platform.

Imeem Mobile

imeem Mobile has added a new feature called MyMusic, which allows users to access and stream their personal imeem library on their mobile device. Users can now listen to the music they own and have uploaded to imeem on their mobile device from anywhere.

The new version of imeem Mobile is available as a free download through the Android Market.

In addition to MyMusic, imeem has added a couple of other features including "favorite stations" that allows users to create two stations that they can customize based on their favorite artists or songs.

The other new feature is "share with a friend" that allows users to share songs with friends via email. The friend receives an email with a link to the song on imeem.

"Our community has been asking for this feature since we launched imeem Mobile last fall," said Dalton Caldwell, founder and CEO of imeem.

"We’re happy to give them what they want – access to their music from the cloud-and to help drive download sales by adding more value to the music people buy online.

Since launching in October, imeem Mobile has become the number one streaming music application in the Android Market and is one of the 15 most popular applications on the platform.