IE7 Layout Complete Build Coming

    March 17, 2006

Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft will be unwrapping a “layout-complete” version of Internet Explorer 7 at Mix 06 next week.

The idea is that web developers can rely on the browser rendering engine to not change from the build they get at Mix.

Microsoft will be hosting an “IE7 Compat Lab” at Mix 06, where developers can test their applications for compatibility with the latest IE test builds. As Microsoft itself has acknowledged, there could be app-compatibility hiccups with IE 7.0.

As Microsoft acknowledges on the Mix 06 Web site, “reduced need to hack around quirks in older browsers, however, means that existing pages written specifically for older browsers may render differently in IE7. In addition, IE7 includes a number of new security features which may have impact on binary extensions such as toolbars, browser helper objects, and ActiveX controls.”

Bill Gates is doing the Mix keynote on Monday at 9 am Pacific. You can see the webcast here.

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