IBM DB2 9 Tests Positive

    September 20, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

IBM released its DB2 9 “Viper” database back in June with promises of a fundamental shift in how XML data is managed, as well as time and memory-saving functionalities. Early tests of the “hybrid database” have come back with positive results.

IBM says the DB2 9’s pureXML and storage compression benefits the user in these ways:

    Consolidation of XML data, regardless of format or platform, without the need for coding or reconfiguring

    Reduction of data storage requirements by up to 80 percent

    Simplification of SAP deployments

    Reduction of administrative costs with adaptive memory and automatic storage management

    Greater security

    Reduction of planned and unplanned downtime

    Improved developer productivity

Computerworld reports that the database is being extensively scrutinized by at least three Chinese firms, including Kingdee Software:

Kingdee’ tests have revealed that over 50 percent of the storage capacity for the majority of tables can be saved, said Lin Feng, vice president of Kingdee Software. “We were even more pleased when we found out that DB2 9’s compression capability helped us process database queries on average 20 percent faster than before,” he added.

IBM calls pureXML a “radical departure” from storing XML as an object, or shredding XML data to a relational table. DB2 9 treats XML as a new data type stored in its natural hierarchy. The company says this allows clients to manage both conventional relational data and pure XML data.

IBM has been very aggressive as of late trying to win new customers, either through new offerings or by wooing them away from competitors through other means. Upon today’s announcement of IBM’s Blade Migration Center, the company is offering HP customers $1,000 to switch to its BladeCenter Platform.

In a one-two punch to HP, IBM said switching would help clients escape the complexity of multiple incompatible architectures.

“While HP has introduced three generations of blades with no backward compatibility, IBM has offered clients a consistent approach and superior design innovation for the world’s fastest growing server platform and the industry’s leading blade platform, IBM BladeCenter,” said Doug Balog, vice president and business line executive, IBM BladeCenter.

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