How to Write Effective Web Content for Your Business Website

    March 18, 2004

The text of your website can make or break your web business. While design is an important feature of any website, no sale can ever be made if the website contains no words, or worse, words which do not inspire action from the website visitor.

Effective website content is not difficult to write, but a few simple rules must be followed while writing, to make sure that it is read and conveys the intended message to your audience:


It is important to be short and to the point while writing for your website. People do not have the time to read a lot of text, as they are usually in a hurry to find what they are looking for. Write and rewrite you web content to ensure that it contains no errors or repetitions.


Write in a logical and systematic manner and come straight to the point. Do not try to be cute or creative, as there is a danger of confusing your website visitors. Use language that is easy to understand and keep your sentences short.


Before reading your website text, your visitors would scan it to see if it offers the information they are searching for. Therefore, your web content must be scannable. Break long paragraphs into smaller ones and inserts bullets and headings so that it is easier to make sense of what is being said.


Try to write like you talk. Write for one person instead of an audience, so that your reader feels that you are trying to communicate with him or her, and pays attention to what you are saying. Keep the expectation and requirements of your reader in mind when writing for your website.

Proper formatting

To facilitate ease of reading, it is important that your website design complements and enhance your web content instead of overshadowing it. Therefore, keep the background a light color (preferably white), and the text a dark color, (preferably black). Choose a clear and easy to read font for the text like Arial or Verdana.

Generate Response

The end goal of your web content would be to generate some kind of response from the reader. To achieve this you need to identify the response that is required and compose your web content to elicit that response from your reader.

If you write your web content carefully and make sure that your web design enhances it, you will succeed in generating the required response from your website visitors and reap the benefits.

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