Hotmail Team Getting Ready For Hotmail

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The Windows Hotmail Team has been responding to users feedback on the recent updates to Windows Live Hotmail.

The Hotmail Team says it has fixed problems surrounding using larger text size in the browser, viewing favorite contacts and accessing Hotmail from Firefox on Linux.

The next update to Hotmail is scheduled for mid-December and will focus on how scrolling works.

The Hotmail Teams explains. "We’re making the new Hotmail work more like the Classic version for those of you with the reading pane turned off. When we moved to the new version we optimized for screen resolutions that were 1024×768 and above."

"In smaller resolutions like 800×600, we’ve seen cases where the browser scroll bars overlap the message scroll bars, making it harder to move through your messages. Our next update will fix this problem, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to work on this."

Hotmail Team Getting Ready For Hotmail

Updates coming in 2009 include changing the banner ad at the top of the page to a vertical ad on the right side of the page. This will allow Hotmail users to view more messages and more folders on the screen.

Other updates will include more themes more messages on each page and embedding instant messaging with Messenger into Hotmail.


Hotmail Team Getting Ready For Hotmail
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  • http://www.realstudio.ro RealStudio Webdesign

    Removing the ad totaly would defintely be the best choice from the user’s point of view. but somehow i don’t think they are plannig to do that :)

  • http://www.marketappeal.co.uk SEO-Alchemist

    Having had a hotmail email account for many years I recently decided to try and migrate my personal accounts to gmail (and business accounts to Google apps).

    This was both because I wanted to back up my past emails, as well as to escape Hotmail decidedly limited functionality.

    As it turn out, Hotmail is a right pain to migrate away from, with few applications asside from Windows Live Messenger about to conect to it as well. Thunderbird wasn’t too bad, but didn’t connect to my subfolders properly.

    Finally, after much todo, I managed to move my past emails to gmail and have to say that one one regret is not moving over years earlier.

    A few of the advanteages include:

    - Far superior spam identification. Hotmail was terrible as this, while gmil rarely puts a foot wrong.

    - Handy message grouping and threading

    - Faster more effective search

    - tags work as least as well as folders ever did, not least as several tags can be assigned to any one email, whereas it couldn’t readily be filed in several different folders (without major duplication)

    - Free pop, imap, smtp access and unresitricted message fowarding, none of which are offered by free Hotmail acconts any more – this is a major pain, as ver email clients are capable if itnerfacing via their obscure http connection and without any of these backing up or tranfering emails en masse is almost impossible.

    Despite all of this however, Hotmail and the equally stodgy Yahoo mail have 90%+ of the free webmail market between them and so, however good, gmail still has a long way to go.

    The only question is, will these touted changes to Hotmail really bring it back up to scratch or will they yet again find themsleves loosing ground to the mighty Google?


  • http://creativeherb.com creativeherb

    When I first migrated from Hotmail to Gmail, I was not used to the "grouped" email system at all. Kind of like when Windows introduced "Grouped Windows" where all your Internet Explorer windows are in one Tab at the bottom of your screen.

    In time though, Gmail saves me a ton of visual space, highly increased productivity and the sheer speed of it destroys Hotmail.

  • Matt

    Did they figure out yet why it freezes up in Internet Explorer every time I use it, but not in firefox?

  • Yeoville

    Oh yes, it would be wonderful if we could resize (meaning: downsize) the ads, as they occupy so much of the screen.  My other big gripe with Hotmail is the instability (being asked to login again at erratic intervals, erratic automatic screen refreshes, intermittent non-functioning of features, difficulty getting to features) much as I like the improvements.

  • Me

    No idea what is going on but I haven’t been able to log in to Hotmail from three machines at two locations, using both IE and FF.  I don’t think the problem is at my end, and all I can do is wait for the server(s?) to be back up.

    Furthermore, I travel internationally a lot and would agree with the other posters that Gmail is a much cleaner and quicker UI.  New messages load instantly, probably because it runs an agent that checks for new messages.  HM requires the user to manually refresh which uses up bandwiudth and time to redraw the page, plus it doesn’t store the session state very well and makes me log in every few hours, even though it says it needs to do that only every 24 hours.  Funny, GM and Yahoo don’t need to do that and I think they’re more secure.


    Hotmail team, please make your app faster and less bloated like all the other web-based freemail systems do.  I have multiple accounts (I even pay extra for Hotmail) and am now aggregating them all into one GM account that I can use to read them all.  Can your web mail do this?

  • Jean Taylor

    I have a paid hotmail account!  I can’t get incoming mail using Outlook Express.  Can this be fixed or must I just lose my money, and the service I paid for? And why doesn’t MicroSoft address this problem of paid accounts and no incoming email service?

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  • Andria

    i don’t know if you sent this email to me saying you are going to close my email address if I don’t send my full name, address, password, user name, date of birth and country. is this a scam? why would I have to send you all this info. obviously i’m not going to do!!!!

  • Guest

    Dear Teamm

    My email generates emails and send automatically to my all contct list.

    please advise me how can I stop it.


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