Hospitals Should Consider Online Reputation Management

    August 20, 2008
    Chris Crum

You’ve no doubt heard stories before about people getting fired from their jobs for their online behavior. Companies ranging from burger joints and grocery stores to major news networks take their online reputations very seriously, and will not often stand for employee buffoonery that represents their brand in a negative light.

Well the latest case takes such idiocy to an entirely new and immoral level. A nurse from a Stockholm hospital went so far as to post photos from patient brain and back surgeries on her Facebook account. If that’s not the grossest disregard for doctor-patient (or in this case, nurse-patient) confidentiality, I don’t know what is.

Amazingly enough, she has not even been fired (yet), though she is currently on suspension. It’s hard to envision any scenario that doesn’t involve multiple lawsuits. I would expect her to be fired when the hospital has to deal with that.

According to, she took the photos with her camera phone and posted them to impress her friends. Between incidents where people are dying while waiting for medical attention at hospitals, a blunder like this is just what the medical field needs to improve its image.

Perhaps hospitals should be hiring reputation management experts.

Update: Speaking of Hospital Reputations…