Home -N- Linens Site Review

    August 15, 2003

The deadline for reviews of the Home -N- Linens site has passed, and it’s time to take a look at the results. Here’s what DevWebPro readers had to say about the Home -N- Linens site.

Branding Confusion

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Misleading Elements

Here are my impressions that came from first glance and more thorough looking through. If my thoughts can help in improving the site I shall be happy.

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A Good Beginning

First thing noticed about your site was a large area of “white space” to the right of the home page….
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Needs A Little Tweaking

The home page looks well laid out and clear, the only thing I would pick up on is that the *sale* is on the right hand side and not differentiated from the other links. Perhaps move it more centrally and make it in red.
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Pay Attention To Details

Load – Server load time at 4pm is slow; I would hate to test the site during prime time.
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Fix The Errors

My initial impressions were good, until I realised my eyes weren’t going blurry – it was the graphics…
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Short Comments

Here are the short comments from the Home -N- Linens site review…
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