Holiday Shopping The Amazon Way

    December 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Thirteen Christmases after launching, enjoyed a whirlwind of holiday business.

Even the busiest brick and mortar store would be hard-pressed to manage the pace of shopping that took place on Amazon this year. The company released a set of fun facts that showed just how busy they were this year.

Among the insights came the unsurprising revelation that the impossible to find Nintendo Wii didn’t stay on Amazon’s shelves for long. The company sold them, when in stock, at a rate of nearly 17 per second.

Pop culture received a mention too. Amazon said they sold enough Hannah Montana wigs to tops the heads of everyone in the audience at her December 20th show in Providence, RI. (We’ll refrain from making any possible Zoey 101 product associations here.)

Amazon customers’ musical taste, like most artistic efforts, must be considered a subjective thing. Amazon said top sellers included ‘Noel’ by Josh Groban, ‘Raising Sand’ by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss and ‘As I Am’ by Alicia Keys.

We thought Led Zeppelin’s ‘Mothership’ might make a strong play for the holidays, considering the buzz around their reunion one-off concert in London. But at least music fans made Robert Plant a big star on Amazon this year.