Help Nathan Weinberg Find His Camera at SES

    April 12, 2007

So, I was pretty much enjoying SES, seeing lots of familiar faces, including Barry Schwartz, Mike McDonald of WebProNews, and laughing in the background as Rand Fishkin interviewed Google’s Vanessa Fox. I even got to meet Tamar Weinberg, who was acting as part of Barry’s army covering almost every session on the schedule.

Have You Seen This Camera?And then… Stupid, stupid stupid. I got this great camera about a month ago, first real semipro camera I’ve ever owned. It was a gift, a real good Sony, a nice big solid digital camera that took amazing pictures, had tons of settings, and I was only learning how to best use it. I loved that camera, taking it to any remotely important event and coming away with some great shots. I found there’s real joy in photography, something I’d always wanted to get into, but never had the right equipment for.

I was in the expo hall at the end of the day. I took two photos as I walked in, grabbed a drink at the Webtrends booth, sat down at the Microsoft booth to drink it. Got up, swung around the Google booth, made my way to the DoubleClick booth, reached for my shoulder, and… it was gone.

I ran around the hall, retraced my steps over and over. I asked the people at every booth if they’d seen my camera, and no one had. I swept the place again after everyone left, and I even filed a report with hotel security. I don’t think there’s any way I’m getting it back. I lost track of it for only a few minutes, only made one stop, and I remembered everywhere I had been, and still, I didn’t find it. Someone, some search marketer, some reporter, some developer, some sales guy, some hotel employee, someone in that hall had to have taken my camera, not understanding what it meant to me.

Yeah, I know it’s just a camera, but I loved it, and it meant something to me. I want to be able to record the events in my life, to preserve things in detail, bring out the little things around me. But the fact that I can’t just buy another damn camera really makes me feel like an idiot. I try not to talk about it much here, but I don’t really have money like everyone else online seems to have. I can’t afford things, I’m really worried about going broke (which seems like it can happen any day) and I don’t know, I just want to own nice things.

I probably sound like an idiot. On the other hand, this is as lucid as I have thought about this since it happened, five hours ago. I don’t know, I get really down when I lose something, something I can’t replace. How the hell am I going to afford a nice camera? This just sucks. Makes me feel like a moron. I couldn’t even afford the camera I had, and I don’t know what the hell to do to afford a new one.

Oh, who cares? Let me go back to blogging, so I can earn just enough money to go broke a little slower.

Okay, okay, okay! Reset. Bad mood over. Smile. Yeah. Crack a joke. Sorry for starting a pity party. I’m sure I’ll stop moping over my carelessness in a minute.

I feel embarrassed even hitting publish…

Eh, the milk carton is kind of comical, right?