GPS Lingerie Resurrected In Brazil

Not A Web-originating hoax this time

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Back 2005, much of the press was fooled by the emergence of GPS panties—underwear with secret tracking devices and even pulse monitors jealous husbands and concerned fathers could plant in target underwear drawers. Panchira’s (Japanese slang for “show me your panties") controversial undies turned out to be part of a web-traffic contest.

Guess who won? Crying While Eating came in a respectable second, though. I expected to never hear of such a thing again, even though the pranksters said they received tons of real orders and partnership proposals. When I saw them pop up today I thought it was a pretty audacious move to try and prank the whole world again.

Only it’s not a prank this time, and it’s not so covert either. Brazilian lingerie maker Lucia Iorio says her GPS lingerie collection is more about fun and games, labeling the line “Find Me If You Can.” The remarkable unmentionables carry a bulky, pager-sized box the wearer can turn on and off at her discretion, so not exactly high tech.

She also says women are interested in the lingerie “for protection,” which makes a weird kind of sense I suppose. The AFP made it sound like there’s been a big controversy about the lingerie among feminists, who’ve compared the underwear to modern day chastity belts. If so, they’re hard to find online—most searches bring back only the widely syndicated newswire report devoid of any real useful information as to where to buy it (not that I want to) or specific feminists opposed. One can imagine, however, an angry abusive husband demanding to know why the device was turned off.

After some extensive digging around, Lucia Iorio isn’t an international brand—yet—and the only place the GPS lingerie is available is at her Brazilian store. The website is not just all in Portuguese but also in Flash, which makes it a pain in the butt to run through online translation tools, and also makes it more difficult to find in search engines. So, cool site, bad Web marketing and search optimization. Nice job on getting the international press involved, though, even if poorly reported and over-hyped. From what I can gather,  this is more of a local operation than a global feminist crisis one.

Still, they retail for between $800 and $1,100, prices based more on novelty than anything else. Iorio says she’s only sold a few, presumably to some deep-pocketed novelty underwear collectors—and at those prices who needs to sell a bunch? 

Filing this one under “Mostly Hype,” but you’re bound to hear more about it as this catches wind. Here’s a YouTube video we found with the obligatory Brazilian model showing it off.

GPS Lingerie Resurrected In Brazil
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  • http://www.artipot.com/authors/13513/cristian-stan/ CristianStan

    GPS lingerie…people are so bored these days I guess…

  • Guest



    If this sort of creepyiness catches on I’ll be as unattractive as possible (which fortunately wont be too hard for me) to avoid any possible male attention.

  • http://www.simondrake.com/ Simon Drake

    Girls always get the hot stuff, just wait until they sew a GPS unit in your favourite drinking pants or smoking jacket.

  • http://www.eythan.com Eythan

    With all the kidnappings in South America, GPS lingerie should be mandatory for all children too. Kids can have GPS underwear at least. I think its related to a service that contacts police for you and its not cheap.

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron (design eng elect)

    This sort of thing has been around for years built into mobile phones which can be remotely secretly switched on and off by the jealous lover, to keep track of his target and also used to track children’s position. The technical problem  is something called "urban canyon effect"  which means in cities & where the gps has not got clear view of the sky (indoors) it cannot see the overhead satellites to receive its position from. The unit also has to send the position back to the person tracking via the mobile phone network unless the information is not required in real-time and plugged into a computer at a later time which defeats the point (the latter type of unit costs about $60 ) the whole thing is hype but good luck to them if they can make money out of it!



  • http://www.diamondonnet.com/ Diamonds

    It is too big, i thought it would be just a small chip.  Wouldn’t wives and kids know that they are being tracked by their husbands and fathers…  Yes, this has been around on cellphones, why re-invent it?

  • http://www.jr80.com Shelanie Cobalt

    Nice blog. Wearing sexy lingerie is a great way for a woman to turn on her man. The same can be said for sexy costumes such as French maid and nurses’ outfits. Wants to wear sexy lingerie too? Check this out at jr80.com.

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