Governator Terminates Texting While Driving

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Ten bucks says in a hundred years this law is going to make as much sense as Kentucky’s anti-carrying-an-ice-cream-cone-in-your-back-pocket law.* California governor Arnold Swartzenegger signed legislation outlawing texting while driving, at least until cars drive themselves.

When the law goes into effect, California drivers can expect a $20 fine for a first offense and a $50 fine for subsequent offenses. That’s kind of a light penalty, if you ask me, for such recklessness.

Though it’s hard to believe people actually do that—I know they do because I saw it on Oprah—people do weird stuff all the time. The other day I was passed by a guy who had the newspaper sprawled across his steering wheel—not in gridlock traffic, but while he was going 45 miles per hour.

Needless to say I made a turn off that road.

Back over in California, there was some confusion about why the new law was needed, considering a similar bill had recently passed targeting holding a cell phone while driving. The pedantically pettifoggerous among them noted the law only applied to holding a cell phone up to one’s ear while driving—not texting or dialing or downloading ring tones, or anything else one might do with a phone not actually up to their ear.

Nanny-nanny-boo-boo. omg, EPIC FAIL, sum dumazz jes honkd @ me

Here’s some other laws they should think about, since common sense needs to be legislated:

  1. No texting during surgery, either
  2. No teasing the tigers at the zoo (they’ll eat you)
  3. Don’t play leapfrog with unicorns
  4. Never, ever say “Obama” in a bar full of cowboy hats
  5. The words “fat,” “hormonal,” “crazy,” and “my mother thinks” are not allowed in the vicinity of pregnant women (they’ll eat you)

*The existence of this law on the books is perfectly reasonable, so the legend goes, because at one time an ice cream cone in the back pocket was the chief means by which horse thieves would lure away their booty. Can’t be called a thief if the horse follows you home, right? See, us Kentuckians is crafty.

Governator Terminates Texting While Driving
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  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    In the uk the law is stricter on mobile phone use including texting. if you are caught you get fined & 3 points on your licence
    12 points & loose licence for 6 months. Have an accident could mean prison. In wales (mid south west england)  you are still allowed to kill an englishman  on a sunday as long as it is in a church yard providing you use a bow and arrow!….

  • CJ78

    About time they do something, but $20 and $50 fines is a joke.  It costs more than that for a tank of gas.  COME ON – if some one is too busy texting they are not paying attention –  they can run lights, stop signs, run into other cars and always the possibility of hitting a pedestrian.  Is it even worth the risk of killing someone just to get that text sent?  If it’s that urgent then pull over and take care of it.  Yes, I own a cell phone, but it stays in my pocket or purse while driving.  I don’t talk while driving (not even a blue tooth) and I don’t text.  I value the lives of my family, my own life and others that are on the road!  I wish other would use just a little bit of common sense.

  • Guest

    This law to me ACTUALLY does make sense.

    I am from the UK, and i have seen many people on many occaisons texting on their mobile phones whilst driving.  I have even seen people do it on the motorway (our high way) at 80mph, these people actually looked down for lengthy periods of time.


    In response to people driving with one hand, the UK has a law that does not allow you to use a mobile phone in any manner whilst driving.

    If the law is broken, we recieve a fine of £60 and 3 penalty points.

    These laws where the result of people losing control of their cars whilst on using their mobile phones in one manner or another.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    I’m wondering if the train wreck in California had anything to do with getting this bill passed. The preliminary investigation is showing that the engineer who blew past the stop signal was texting and didn’t see it. Grave consequenses for sending that text!

    After having to clean up after that wreck, I’m very surprised the punishment isn’t stiffer, especially when so many lives are at risk.


  • Don

    A side-effect of the UK law is – I was almost run over by a woman who suddenly swerved off the roadway into a parking lot – going across the sidewalk I was walking on.

    Why did she do this? She had to answer her cell-phone, and apparently that was more important than perhaps running over some pesky pedestrians.

    That’s the Law of Unintended Consequences at work..

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