Google’s Interest Based Ads Go to Feeds

    May 6, 2009
    Chris Crum

In early April, Google clarified some misconceptions about AdSense after they changed AdSense URLs to DoubleClick URLs. In an extension of that clarification, Google has posted to the AdSense for Feeds Blog regarding AdSense for feeds tags.

"By changing our ad serving to the domain, we are now allowing advertisers to more easily create campaigns that span all media platform types on the Google Content Network, including sites, feeds, and mobile," explains AdSense for Feeds Product Manager Steve Olechowski.

Advertisers have always been able to target feeds using Placement Targeting and Contextual Targeting. Now they will also be able to target feed users using Interest Based Advertising across both sites and feeds.

Interest Based Advertising was announced by Google in early March as a beta test for the company’s partner sites and on YouTube. It is basically serving ads based on the sites that users visit. With Interest Based Advertising, users can choose categories for ads they want to see. They can also tell Google the categories they don’t want to see ads for. From the advertiser’s perspective, this is a great targeting tool.

"By making it easier for advertisers to buy ads in your feeds, and by supporting the exact same features and ad formats that are accepted on websites, the competition for your ad space should increase to help ensure that you’re maximizing your earnings potential," says Olechowski.

On another Google advertising note, the company has launched the Ad Planner Publisher Center, which is also designed for publishers and advertisers both to maximize earnings potential.