Google’s Good For Your Health

    May 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The long awaited Google Health search vertical is expected to launch some time today, giving users looking for medical information more targeted results. This is just one of the announcements expected at Google Day in Mountain View. iEntry’s Mike McDonald has infiltrated the Googleplex and will be filling us in once PST catches up.

Currently, Googling health related search results are not as targeted as they could be. As Kevin Maney points out:

now if you type “knees” into Google, on the first page you get an article from Arthritis Today, a British site called Kneeguru, and another site with a subtitle of “Kink Notes by a Pansexual Polyfetishist.”

I just learned two new words I can scare the Vatican with.

ZDNet’s Google sleuth Garett Rogers found the IP address ( ) that is to be home to Google Health. My page didn’t look much like his screen caps though. My search results for [Google+Search” class=”bluelink”>halitosis] looked much different than his for [migraine]:

The results page gives users the option to narrow down or filter to produce desired results. For example, I searched for migraine and it let me choose from various options including: treatment, research papers, symptoms, news and alternative medicine. Clicking on “From medical establishment” gives even more options.

The folks at Hitwise think Health is a wise move for the Googtopians of Mountain View. They report that for the month of April 2006, 2.67% of Google’s downstream traffic went to sites in the Health & Medical category.

“Yahoo! Search sent 2.43% of its traffic to this category, while MSN Search sent 1.97%, which shows that Health is a smart vertical initiative for Google.”

Google has had marginal success with other verticals. Though Google Finance is ranked 43rd in the Business Information category, says Hitwise, Google maps quickly hit the 3rd slot in the Maps category.

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