Google Website Optimizer & Urchin 6 Come Out To Play

    April 17, 2008

It sometimes seems like beta tags hang around Google’s products forever.  That’s no longer the case, though, at least as far as Google Website Optimizer and Urchin 6 are concerned.

Google Urchin
 Google Urchin Out Of Beta

Let’s start with the development that seems more surprising.  Urchin software was considered almost dead in 2007; Google acquired the company, then let most of its work rot.  But a beta was released towards the beginning of this year, and now, for $2,995, the new Urchin license is available.

Users of Urchin 5 will be happy to know that they can apply that purchase price towards the current version.  Also, free 30-day trials are available in case anyone else wants to try the Google Analytics-like software.

On to Google Website Optimizer, then.  Google’s Jon Stona writes, "Formerly a feature within Google AdWords only, this free website-testing tool is now accessible to anyone worldwide through its own website.  You can now use your Google Analytics login to access Website Optimizer and test which designs, headlines, and graphics lead to the highest conversion rates on your site."

Furthermore, on the Official Google Analytics Blog, Stona adds, "The Website Optimizer team has also launched a product blog where you can get the latest product news, industry insights, and testing recipes straight from team members."

The act of leaving beta appears to have done these tools a lot of good.