Google Upgrades Search Appliance

By: Doug Caverly - August 6, 2008

The odd-looking yellow boxes that bear a certain search giant’s name are about to get a lot more useful, with an improved capacity being the biggest selling point of the new Google Search Appliance.

The previous generation of Search Appliances could index a fine and dandy 3 million documents.  The new devices more than triple that by being able to take on a full 10 million, and corporate accountants can rest assured that pricing (starting at $30,000) hasn’t taken a similar leap.

Google Search Appliance
 Google Search Appliance

Another Search Appliance upgrade relates to personalization.  Suppose those accountants mean one thing by "gross" and the marketing team means quite another.  A personalized search experience will "allow administrators to adjust search results for different user groups, based on department or function," according to an official description.

Users can also "subscribe to email alerts for topics and documents of
interest, choosing an hourly, daily, or weekly schedule," and all sorts of security- and access-related reports are available, as well.

The relaunch is obviously intended to earn Google more corporate customers at a time when everybody and everything is looking for bargains.  Dell stands to benefit, too, as it remains both the manufacturer and a seller of the Google Search Appliance.

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