Google Tops List Of Innovative Corporations

    February 20, 2008

When a list concerning tech businesses comes out, we’re rarely surprised to see Google get first place.  So, in a continuance of this tradition, Fast Company has deemed the search giant "the world’s most innovative company."

We’re not really arguing with that ranking, mind you; it just doesn’t come as a shock.  If nothing else, the declaration echoes the Republican party’s recent designation of Google as its "official innovation provider."

On to why Google is such an innovative corporation, then.  Fast Company’s Chuck Salter writes, "The marvel of Google is its ability, after 10 years, to continue to instill a sense of creative fearlessness and ambition, even as it has grown to more than 16,000 employees."  Over a dozen Googlers then relate their own experiences with the business.

Google doesn’t have a stranglehold on innovation, though, and 49 other companies also made Fast Company’s list.  Apple and Facebook came in at numbers two and three, respectively, while Amazon placed ninth.  Microsoft ranked 41st, and the last spot went to Chinese search engine Baidu.

Congrats to everybody.  Now we’ll just watch which corporations can figure out how to move up the list in the coming year.