Google Toolbar: Uninstalled

    February 2, 2006

I had to make a decision today, and I believe I made the right one. Since I installed the Google Toolbar version 4, IE7 has been wonky.

Mainly, submenus have not been rendering properly. I would hit Alt, click View, hover over Toolbars, and the submenu would not appear until I put my mouse within the menu.

I assumed the recent installation of the Google Toolbar was to blame (I’ve been running IE7 longer than most, so I’ve had time to examine its quirks; this was a new one). I disabled Google’s toolbar, and got nowhere, the problem remained. I uninstalled the Toolbar, and it went away.

Considering that IE7 will eventually be a major permanent part of Windows, it has a search bar anyway, and it improves system-wide security, I weighed my options and decided that was more important than Toolbar 4’s features, excellent as they are.

Is anyone else running IE7 having the same problems, and does this solve them? TDavid had terrible black blocks in his IE7, and the only thing I see in the screenshots is a custom skin, the new Google Toolbar and the Alexa Toolbar.

I’ll reinstall when Google fixes the issue. I already miss it, but I’ll live. And I’d miss IE7 more.

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