Google Sidelined In China Yet Again

    March 9, 2009

Imagine any sort of sports team trying to come from behind in a 77-17 game.  Now, imagine that the losing team’s players get sidelined every so often for no apparent reason.  This appears to be analogous to Google’s situation as the search giant’s properties were blocked again in China. 

Google Logo

On Friday, we relayed fresh statistics that put Google’s share of the search market in China at 16.6 percent.  Baidu’s share was pegged at 76.9 percent.

But according to Aw Guo, YouTube grew unstable on Wednesday and then became completely inaccessible.  Google experienced similar problems.  And although access has been restored in some areas, certain users were still experiencing issues as of yesterday.

Our only guess regarding the cause is that the Chinese government was trying to send a message ahead of the fiftieth anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan uprising.  Which may mean another blackout will occur tomorrow.

Anyway, at least one small thing seems to have gone in Google’s favor: there’s a rumor that it managed to renew a contract with China Mobile.  This might help Google put Android in the hands of many, many more people.