Google Set To Bust TV Ad Market

    March 1, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

If there were any doubt before (and there wasn’t really), Google has every intention of busting in on the television ad market. A couple of job postings on Google’s website confirm that intent while shedding some light on why networks are so jittery about this media revolution.

It’s one thing when your content is spread to farthest reaches of the globe via disorganized and unapproved channels. But it’s quite another when somebody horns in on your ad brokering business, especially a behemoth like Google. But whether they like it or not, the Internet will soon swallow up television, and Google’s there already.

(The TV executive drops forehead first to his desk, remembering when he first heard of this internet thing, and then thinks of every train he ever missed in his life.)

The job descriptions posted on the site speak for themselves:

Head of National TV Sales – New York

This position is based in New York, NY.

In this role, you will be building a world-class national TV advertising sales team and lead the effort to both sell television solutions and shape a next generation advertising platform. You should have extensive senior level relationships with advertisers, both with agencys and clients directly, as well as proven experience leading a large sales team. You will define the national sales strategic plan, drive engagement efforts and consistently develop new opportunities. You will assume overall accountability for establishing and implementing an effective national sales force and meeting national sales goals. Candidate should have a deep understanding of digital media and Google’s advertising solutions specifically. (Hyperlink added.)

Account Manager, Television – New York

This position is based in New York, NY.

The Account Manager’s main responsibility is to manage TV advertiser relationships and drive revenue growth with existing Fortune 1000 advertisers in one or more regions. In this role, you will be working with top-tier advertisers, consulting them on the next generation advertising platform, managing day-to-day operations and driving revenue growth across their TV Ads campaigns. You should be able to establish relationships with agency network and clients directly as well as work closely with internal constituents in a team sales capacity. You will be responsible to collaborate with the group’s network development and operations groups.
Additionally, you will help create the strategic sales plan for each target customer; drive upsell opportunities consistently look to optimize performance of existing campaigns.

AdAge reports that this first step into TV ads will come down squarely on the "scatter" market, or airtime remaining shortly before an event is broadcast. This inventory, says AdAge, is perfect for an auction-style ad system. Then, it’s off to the local markets. But TV execs aren’t happy about this new world at all:

TV executives argue that they don’t want to see their products commoditized, and that auctions could depress pricing. Google argues the opposite, claiming it will bring new customers to the market, possibly increasing prices.

Nielsen should probably be worried, too.

In case you missed it earlier, let me say again, "Welcome to the Googleconomy."

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