Google Gives Search Volume Data With Keyword Tool

Result better than okay despite a couple of kinks

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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of decent keyword tools out there.  Give ’em one or more terms, and they’ll spit back a number of related phrases for which you should optimize.  Only now Google’s giving search volume data along with traditional Keyword Tool responses.

Real numbers, in addition to rough illustrations, will show up so long as you disable your ad-blocking software.  (Adblock Plus people and/or Googlers might want to look into that.)  The abbreviation "Approx" also appears, which is a little bit disheartening.

Google keyword
 Google Keyword Tool Provides Search Volume Statistics

On the Inside AdWords blog, however, Trevor Claiborne states, "These approximate numbers are intended to provide better insight into keywords’ monthly and average search volumes than previously provided by the tool."

If this proves to be the case – we’d recommend doing a little testing – most keyword tools that don’t come from Mountain View will be of comparatively little use.  Webmasters and SEOs who stick with the old favorites may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Claiborne adds, "Remember, the Keyword Tool also provides several other keyword-related metrics that can help you select highly relevant keywords to improve the overall performance of your campaigns.  You can easily view data on advertiser competition, search volume trends, estimated average CPCs, and estimated ad positions for keywords."

Google Gives Search Volume Data With Keyword Tool
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  • http://www.mavidussanat.com Mehmet KUTLUAY

    Mavidü? Resim Atölyesi izmir

  • http://www.freeenglishtutorial.blogspot.com sawithea

    Good information for all of netter. thanks a lot

  • http://seo.pittwebsite.com Pittsburgh SEO

    That’s awsome they added that to their Keyword tool! I actualy did not think that Google would ever release that data, but I’m happy they did. This makes it much easier when going keyword research.

    And I agree with you people who stick to the old keyword tools might be at a disadvantage for doing so.

    Thanks for the post.

  • http://www.cisin.com Cisin

    This is really a great support give by google, definalty this feature will help us to improve the campaign performance. hope in coming days google continue to help advertisig industry with new features.

    Vishal Gupta

  • http://www.yourtrustedtradesmen.com ytt12

    Yet more help from google


    whats the catch?



  • http://www.mercadeoporinternet.com/ Rafael Montilla

     Google is the right hank for every SEO specialist.

    This tool save me alot time finding the good keywords and frases.

    • http://www.mercadeoporinternet.com/ Rafael Montilla

       Sorry I mean "right hand"

  • http://www.moovinonup.com SEO

    i think this will some keyphrases a wee bit more competative

  • http://www.seowebdesignfirm.com boston seo

    That data is pulled from PPC data not organic data and the numbers seem to be inflated just a tad, nice try Google. "A" for effort

  • http://www.web1marketing.com SEO Seattle

    Great data. Having more transparency into long tail keywords is pretty interesting, as well as seeing (however accurate they are) what the numbers reveal about regional (or locational) keywords. Nonetheless, great info to have.

  • http://www.paraibainternational.com Tanzanite

    Many business owners and marketers have been waiting for this for a long time, It is nice to see that Google has finally gone ahead with it. It makes sense anyway for Google since it prevents even more people from leaving the program to get the raw number data. This way, more people use (and presumably trust) the tools.

  • http://www.lapigems.com/tanzanite.asp Tanzanite

    What a relief – keyword research just got easier. The old overture tool is not very accurate.

  • http://www.m4s73r.com/ Internet Marketing Indonesia

    thanks for your article. Very help me. I will more like visit to webpronews site. :) Fantastic

  • http://www.netage.co.za G Web

    I often search and there are 1000’s of results displayed in the Approx Avg Search Volume column yet the data from the previous month is “Insufficient Data”.

    This does not make logical senses to me as how can there be no search volume (Insufficient data) during previous months if there are 1000’s on an average month.

    Do you know why.

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