Google Makes Online Stores Incredibly Simple

Google Makes Gadget Even Simpler

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Update: Google has now introduced a gadget wizard for the Store Gadget. The company says:

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new feature for the store gadget: a wizard that streamlines the store creation process. By automating the manual steps in the original instruction guide, the new store gadget wizard should leave you with even more time to focus on your business.

More details here.

Original Article: Google Labs has launched an interesting new gadget that allows users to create a Google Checkout store in gadget form to use on their blog or web site. According to Google the process is as simple as three easy steps:

1. Sign up for a Google Checkout account

2. Fill out a Google Docs Spreadsheet

3. Set up and insert you gadget

Sounds easy enough. Easily create an online store using a Google Docs spreadsheet. Interesting indeed. "No complicated coding or technical tasks are required," says Google on the gadget’s homepage. "You can get your first online store up-and-running in under five minutes."

As business owners and non-business owners alike look to sell stuff online to make some extra money in a less than ideal economy, a simple way of setting up a store can be just the ticket. With this gadget, once users sign up for Google Checkout, they can list their products in the spreadsheet and manage their inventory right in Google Docs.

The gadget itself can be embedded anywhere, which could be incredibly useful, particularly to those sellers who operate more than one site. In fact, online business owners are often encouraged to blog. Wouldn’t it make sense to have the store embedded right on the blog, for easy access? I think it would in many cases.

The gadget comes in three different sizes – large, small, and tiny. Here is how they look in comparison to one another:

Google Store Gadget

Google Store Gadget

  Google Store Gadget

When it comes to making the spreadsheet available to customers, you can do this by clicking "share" in the upper right-hand corner in Google Docs Spreadsheets. Then you choose "publish as a web page" from the drop down menu, and make sure that the "automatically re-publish when changes are made" option is checked. Then just click "start publishing".

If you have any trouble using it, Google runs down the whole process here. They have also set up a Google Checkout store gadget forum.

It should be noted that this gadget being a project of Google Labs means that it is still in the experimental stage. Does that mean you can’t use it? Of course not. Let’s not forget that Gmail just left its "beta" status this year. But with the gadget being a lab, just know that it could have bugs.

Google Makes Online Stores Incredibly Simple
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  • http://www.yiwu-sourcing-agent.com Yiwu

    Nice plan…Emhh.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com Collection agencies

    Google has had more changes in the last 3 months than they have had in three years. Thank you Bing

  • http://Retirefund.Blogspot.com Harold

    How would the Google store app apply to down loadable products like ebooks etc and how would the payment system work, ie: credit card processing etc.

  • http://McBailBonds.com Chris

    How is this different than the Google Checkout I’ve been using for a year now?

  • http://www.uk-house-rentals.co.uk SKETCH3D

    Not having had much to do with the creation of online stores and some plans in the pipeline this option seems really easy. I will definitely be checking it out. Other Google tools have been very easy to implement so I trust this one will be the same.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/advertisingandservices Advertising and Services

    I like how Google simplifies the checkout feature; now, even a newbie can have their own online store with technical experience.

  • http://www.homesolarpowersystems.org Solar power systems

    An easy to use Google checkout store. It would be really helpful for the less tech savvy sellers to sell products online. Well done

  • http://www.dildoe.org Dildoe

    I like to try one of these online stores. Do you think that google favor them in the index ranking ?

  • http://www.waterproofvibrator.net Waterproof

    Where do you embed the message?

  • http://www.the-rabbit-vibrator.net Confused

    Does this help if you have a normal online store?

    • http://www.seosean.com SEOsean

      No, not really. It’s really only something that can help those that need to setup a new store, redesigning a store, or just want to post a few items for sale. Although I do have to admit it is quite nice to be able to quickly put together something like this!

  • http://www.cfishclothing.com christian apparel

    Nice but we are using something that I think works better than this Google Gadget. Although I do like the simplicity of this!

  • http://www.craftscrazy.com Beth Parker

    This is awesome! I set up a store using the Google gadget today and I am really impressed with the way everything looks. It was really easy to do too. The only thing I don’t like (so far) is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to set up a shipping matrix to charge different amounts for different locations.

  • http://www.craftscrazy.com Beth Parker

    In testing the gadget, I discovered that buyers have to give their credit card information before being given a total with shipping and tax. This is one of my pet peeves. When I am buying online, I do not like to give out my cc info until I know what the total is and am sure I want to buy.

    • Jill

      I agree completely! It wastes a lot of the buyer’s time. Also, I wouldn’t write a blank check to someone I don’t know, so why should this be acceptable?

  • http://cheap-activation.com cheap kaspersky key

    I like Google everything about Online stuff is Google for me. Since my school days i think Google has provide me a lot of useful information and tools. I will always appreciate Google forever

    • http://www.brain-waves-technology.com/ Steve

      Google Suck they think of them self

  • http://www.canada4u.ca Guest

    I hope that there will be Other currency than US Dollars. Not everyone works in the usa.

    I need Canadian Dollars to be available or else its no good for the rest of us..

  • http://www.tarotgoogle.com/ Guest

    I have looked at google shopping cart and it’s not available for Australia. This is NOT FARE! Why google only makes everything for US and UK? Why Australia always left out?

    • Guest

      Why Australia always left out?
      Because it appears that you Aussies don’t really know the proper use/spelling of the word fair.

      • Guest

        But you’re perfect? A perfect a**hole!

      • Guest

        Like you have PHD in the English language, you must have an honours degree insulting other people

        • Guest

          Like the guy said get into the 21st century and go get yourself a good ENGLISH teacher and u don’t need a phd to spell properly but then Oz has one of the worst illiterate status’s in the western world ” FACT’ it’s a wonder u passed the Maths question!!

    • Guest

      It has to do with the size of the market and the location of the Corporation in the first place. i.e. I do not make products for another country usage first – I may not even speak the language much less fully understand their country’s laws. One would naturally start in their home market and it is an added benefit that the US market is larger than most. Don’t take it personally :)

  • http://www.mymegapixelproductions.com Jennifer Korol

    With everyone up in arms about cloud computing, I really don’t think Google docs provides enough security to the store owner. Anyone could find the docs and re-organize the HTML on there. It’s a farce.


    Google Checkout is available only for US customers. So please mention that in future articles.

  • http://nymarts.com NYM Arts

    It’s not THAT easy.
    You must have an SSL certificate for the website you’ll be putting the Checkout Gaget on.
    I must get New Secure name servers from my host which will wipe out my Website and Email files. Then I’ll have to Re-Upload my website files.

    • Guest

      You don’t need an SSL cert for the website you’ll be putting the Checkout Gaget on. There is no need for this part to be secure. The checkout process is handled by Google and it immediately goes to https://checkout.google.com/… which means it is secure.

  • http://www.articledirectory-articles.blogspot.com article

    This is realy good development ,
    That is why i said in last comment that , it is very difficult to thers like yahoo+microsoft to even come to the level enough to compet with google, google knows ,what peoples want, and they develop the same thing as others like that

    • google gadget

      I do not understand why the world keeps on pushing against yahoo and Microsoft.

      Yahoo offers the best web based email client, with easy drag and drop and unlimited storage. They also offer a great site with great information.

      As far as google docs goes, it is no alternative to word, word is still without doubt the best word processor out there.

      Where goolge is the best is their search technology, they offer the easiest way to find info. They also are the most expensive ad agency out there.

      To the point this google gadget, the demo stinks, and anyone using a real shopping cart can easily have a widget created for their site to copy and paste into a blog or any other page.

      I still do not know of one other service that google is better at other than search.

      Microsoft online storage which is free is better than most similar services. I will say that MS does not make a good anti virus product, other than that, there are not to many other things they make that are bad.

  • http://www.sportsfantreasures.com/alabama.htm Alabama Store

    This looks really awesome. We have been looking for something like this to help us put our products on our blogs. Thanks guys for the info.18

  • http://medianowonline.com/news Yusuf Kirmani

    Oh……..you given very usefull information. I must try it.

  • http://stargate-news.com/store.html Fantasy Store

    I will try it right now. Great to see Google is flexible.

  • http://blog.onlinecheapharmacy.com/ sara.p

    Really i’m from littel people who watching google and i see that google wanna make a full products like OS and Searching engine and …….. mean another MS in the way

  • Google..really

    Okay, so as usualy google has created a service that is really only for googls and limited to the USA.

    pay pal has offered a similar service for years.

    Also anyone that has an online business and is actually making money could have had any programmer design a similar plugin for their cart, making this service look redundant.

    seriously, if google makes it, we bow down, i am sure that we are not so happy with the inflated PPC and crazy monthly invoices we get.

  • http://www.shisha.de Shisha

    so, at last the whole world is become dealers.
    only because the bank are so stupid and not able to transfer money in time.

  • http://www.EmergencyPower.com Ron Katz

    I have read many bad reviews about Google Checkout.

    The main complaints is people who can’t get their money out and have no real person to contact at Google. I did some research and found no contact information for Google myself. Even horrible eBay and Paypal can be contacted but not Google.

    No real person to talk too. It is too risky. No one is accountable.

    Google also ignores Canadian customers and merchants.

    • Businesswoman

      As a businesswoman with an ecommerce site, I used Google ONCE for an order a customer placed – it took almost 11 days to get the money into my actual bank account! Then I learned there was no one to call and talk to about it. Although after ‘finally’ finding an email contact (it was like looking for a needle in the haystack), I received a reply within 12 hours. Google is only acting as a “gateway” between the customer’s credit card and my bank – there is no ‘bank’ of Google. With their Terms of Service, they say I can’t charge the customer’s card until the item ships, but then I have to wait 11 days for the money to be credited to my account? Can’t do Google Checkout! At least with PayPal, my money is there “instantly” because they are using Wells Fargo Bank. This also means my money in my PayPal account is covered by the FDIC. As long as I can provide ‘proof of delivery’ on an order, I’m covered with PayPal, although following a dispute, it could take up to 90 days or more to have them put the money back in my account after a dispute is filed! Really makes it hard, but the alternative is ‘nothing’ because Google can’t provide the speed needed to make business transactions. With today’s electronic funds transfer, I think it’s the FDIC and banks themselves that slow the process down unnecessarily.

      • Guest

        The new google checkout sounds interesting and just might paypal that you love improve their service. First of all you money is NOT Fdic insured. Second of all hope it never comes down to a dispute with paypal because the buyer is ALWAYS Right. They do not defend the sellers and don’t really investigate disputes. It waits the 90 days and says sorry you lose. I have had that happen to me twice with absolute proof that I was right, but they don’t even look it over. Just to qualify myself I still use paypal and Google checkout and paypal is the main one. However my money is always in the bank within 3 bus. days. Some banks take longer than others or if it was your first time maybe they had glitches. I will continue to use both and will try the new google app to see how good it does.

  • Guest

    Praise The Lord im so glad there is a company,that still just trying to help America. God Bless Them. Thank You WebPro News

  • JR

    cool. even if this rendition isn’t “wonderful”…we know that google will tweak it to make it so. Naysayers will eat their words as they are embedding this code into their blogs & websites. This may be just the competition that paypal and ebay need. thanks google for kicking butt (just don’t be a ball hog)

    • bob

      Google can tweak all the want and they will never get anywhere. They just want to provide this as a free service without the required support, which equals crap. That’s their culture.

      Google is a Jack of all trades, master of none.

  • http://www.incredible-earnings.com/ Incedible Earnings

    It’s one good gadget.

  • http://www.facebookgenie.com facebook application developer


    Yahoo already provide online stores the only difference is most of the google services are FREE and yahoo charge for that.


  • http://www.laystar.co.uk LayStar

    At first I thought this was a good idea. I have been looking to use Goggle checkout, but found it restrictive in its current form. This new model sounds promising.

    However, from the comments here, I am now re-thinking my plans. Firms who provide the service of taking people’s money via cards and then enabling sellers to be re=patrioted with their revenue should have a good customer services department.

  • http://www.thailadiesonline.com Guest

    Not for me.

    Although it looks OK and is simple to install that won’t convince me to switch over… The Big G will have to make it much more customizable, and sort out the contact issue if they want my business.

  • http://www.JigsawADay.com Wayne Q

    I have been using the original Google Checkout to sell my jigsaw puzzle CD-ROMS for several years, and have never had a problem. It’s a great alternative for my customers who don’t want to use PayPal.
    I always get the money deposited to my account within 3 business days, sometimes less.
    The fees are comparable to PayPal, if not slightly lower.
    One thing I really like is that it lets me see my customer’s phone number so if I ever have a question about their shipping address, I can call them. The two times I had questions about addresses both customers were very happy that I actually took the time to call and get the correct info, rather than just taking a chance on their CD’s finding their way there.
    Looking over the interface, I do see room for improvement, but I will be using this to help me sell on the Internet right away.
    My only question is, can I incorporate this into a Yahoo store as an alternate form of payment?

  • http://mycomputerrunsslow.blogspot.com/2009/07/registry-repair-can-fix-your-slow.html JOHN

    This looks very interesting and I would love to give it a try.Unfortunately I am in Canada and it seems that it is for the USA only. I really don’t know why that should be. I have a google account and do adsense,adwords,blog etc with no problems. I hope they intend to make it available to other countries soon.JM.
    DIY plans

  • http://NewbieServices.com Newbie Services

    At first I thought great. Since I deal with new marketers all the time another easy tool for them, but now I read about lack of support and I can picture the nightmares that would cause.

    I’ll wait, Paypal is good and has gotten easier.


  • http://www.byfchat.com Jay

    Looks good but not very useful for a free chat site.

  • http://adscendmedia.com CPA Network

    For my money PayPal’s checkout process is much better. Or at least the seller’s interface. The only time I send my customers to Google Checkout is if they are in a country that PayPal does not support but that Google does. That problem has come up several times.

  • http://www.networkingclubs.co.uk Karl Craig-West

    Have to admit that I’ve struggled to integrate Paypal within websites in the past.
    If Google simplifies this process for us web novices then all the better.

    free UK networking clubs directory

  • http://www.lightenupbikes.com Scott

    I’ve been trying change my bank account info on Google checkout. The option is not provided in my settings. There is NO SUPPORT. None. I wrote them a letter that I planned to send via snail mail to try and get their attention but then, why? Why use a product so closely related to my survival that has NO SUPPORT? Google just seems to view themselves as absolutely infallible and to expect that people should follow them blindly. That’s a bit frightening.

    • http://www.hairsite.com HairSite


      I am with you 100%. One thing that would make me hesitant about using this product is the lack of support. Google normally asks you to go through pages and pages of online help pages, and direct you from one page to another, that’s pretty much all the support you are going to get. I have had some very bad experience in the past. Don’t want to sign up for this new gadget and end up spending weeks online trying to get support on something basic.

  • http://www.sitebyjames.coom/ Guest

    Correct me if I am wrong. But this Google gadget is JavaScript correct?

    Isn’t this basically pulling the wool over web novices eyes? It’s entirely non-search engine friendly at first look.

    How are you going to sell product if nobody can find it on a search engine?

    • http://www.sitebyjames.coom/ James

      In other words. I will stick to providing customers multiple payment options, and use the spreadsheets and interfaces of a normal e-commerce store.

      This looks more like it would cost me more customers than it’s worth.

    • http://www.promovare-situri.ro Adriana Ceausescu

      Good point of view

    • Guest

      The cart is the only JavaScript enabled feature. There is no need for it to be search engine optimised. The webpage is still HTML / SEO friendly.

      • Guest

        Not if it’s a gadget. It’s not a paypal button…

  • http://wsisoutheast.com Virginia SEO

    When it comes to e-commerce, there’s a professional way and there’s an amateur way to do it. This Google widget makes it possible for amateurs with no marketing budget to make a play at selling things online. google is hoping they’ll get lucky. And in case you’re wondering, Google DOES make money from it’s shopping cart solution. Nice try Google but if you’re looking for a professional e-commerce solution, this isn’t it.

  • http://www.b-seenontop.com/ ShandE


    Fast and easy to set up and launch.
    Integrates seamlessly with other Google products / services.


    Invisible to search engines.
    US currency only.
    Posting delays.
    Poor customer service and support.


    Same functionality and pricing model as PayPal.

  • JP

    The one thing that I hate about Google is they seem to play with people’s websites. For a few days you’re on page one, then suddenly you disappear without a trace. Two weeks later your back again. I know I’m not the only one going through this. All I can think of is this is a way for them to try and boost their adwords revenue. I would like to see someone put Google out of the picture so they can feel the pain.

    • http://www.google.com/weareabusinessafterall Guest

      Google is a two faced evil company that:

      1. Encourages website owners to spam the web with junk pages and junk adverts.
      2. It steals bandwidth by caching your pages and hotlinking to your images
      3. Fixed adsense earnings so that you dont earn your full amount even if you got clicks and impressions.
      4. Helps countries like china to censor the internet

      Google checkout is trash and they will never defeat paypal. The google honeymoon is over. Make no mistake. If you know anything about PR, your motto is always the opposite of what your true colours are: e.g

      Fox news – “fair and balanced” – biased and fraudulent

      Google – “don’t be evil” – evil and corrupt advert scammers hiding under the guise of an intelligent and efficienct company.

      • http://www.silver-artz.co.uk Silver Artz

        I could not agree more. I had a Google Adwords account and it was closed because I apparently violated one of their many rules. They would not even tell me why.
        I also was registered with Google Adsense and when I tried to claim my earnings all of a sudden I could not log in. When I contacted Google they said I was not registered and they could find no record of me. This is ridiculous as I have their analytics, webmaster tools and gmail account. It was all due to the fact that I had signed up with a different email address and password. To this day they say that I don’t have an account with them for Adsense which is an out and out lie. They win and I lose!!

        • Guest

          Hey… At least Google got you to set up their ad network for them.

          They should have paid you… right? How many people out there do you really think made any money of it? How many thousands of man hours do you think Google got for free?

  • http://www.zygella.com Zygella

    Another good service from google.

  • http://gcmusic.tmblr.net Guest

    I don’t know, and they may not be the cheapest, but I’m happy with the aStore from Amazon.com. Same deal, select items, get code, copy and paste to blog or website. Works great on my self-hosted WordPress Blog!

  • http://www.xyshop.co.uk Tania

    If you really want to do comparison shopping without any advertisement then try http://www.xyshop.co.uk
    Otherwise all the shopping sites are full of advertisements.

  • Once bitten twice shy

    Hi Chris,

    If it is incredibly simple I am interested in hearing how it worked for you.

    Did the gadget work as promised?
    And most important of all did you receive your funds in a timely manner.

    If you haven’t tried the gadget perhaps you should mention that in your blog.

    No offense but I have read too many blogs that were merely a press release regurgitated as a statement of fact. In the end what I assume was an informed review was cheap talk.

    • http://www.effutio.com Neil

      Yes Mr Crum please show us the site where you set it up. I do realise you havent actually mentioned that it is actually easy on Google Says it is, but it would have been nice if you could have agreed or disagreed with this statement and told us where your easily created example could be found.

      • http://www.mastoyshop.com mastoyshop

        If you click the word ‘here’ in his statement it does take you to the set up page.

  • http://www.pacifictechseo.com Pacific Tech SEO

    What A great idea. Google has some great ideas. I cant wait to try this. Ken

  • http://www.CreareCommunications.co.uk Adrian

    Wow – that’s cool Google!
    Keep up the good work – can’t wait to try it out – sounds simply and easy to use!

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