Google Introduces AdSense for Mobile Search

    February 10, 2009
    Chris Crum

Today Google announced AdSense for mobile search, not to be confused with AdSense for mobile content, which the company released back in 2007. AdSense for mobile search is a way for mobile network operators and mobile website owners to embed a Google search box on their mobile portals and web sites.

"Whether they are day-dreaming of Hawaii or trying to find the perfect Valentine’s day gift, mobile phone users will get instant access to Google search including comprehensive web search, local, image, and news results — all formatted for their phones," explains Product Manager Yury Pinsky of the Google Mobile Team. "Mobile operators and website owners share in the ad revenue generated by searches originating from their sites."

Pinsky also notes that pages can be co-branded with the publisher’s logo (as pictured above-right), and can be linked back to their site. AdSense for mobile search is Google-hosted though.

At this point, Google is calling for beta testers, and they can register here. However, not everyone who applies will be accepted to participate.

Google AdSense for Mobile could be huge as the mobile web continues to grow. There will no doubt be plenty of people looking to cash in by offering these boxes on their own mobile sites.