Google Health Goes Live

All your health data are belong to us

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During a nearly three-hour webcast this afternoon, Google revealed much of its "search factory," including the official unveiling of the Google Health service. Google Health leverages partnerships with medical organizations and pharmacies to help patients manage their health records online.

Google’s Marissa Mayer says Google Health puts "users in control of their own medical records" by allowing users data portability. Mayer gave examples of why this capability might be needed. Travelers who are away from their doctors, or patients who change doctors or seek second opinions would be able to access their medical history online.

Though Mayer says there are "literally thousands of partnerships to forge and petabytes of data to move around," Google has already forged partnerships with many organizations around the country, including the Cleveland Clinic, Walgreens, Quest Diagnostics, and MyMedicalRecords.com. 

The obvious question at the top most minds is about privacy. Google has set up a special Google Health privacy page to address this and promises that only users are in control of their own data. Only the user and authorized health organizations, such as the ones Google has partnered with, will be able to access the information.

Alongside the release, Google launched the "Go for Good" campaign with the Cleveland Clinic, a program that promotes walking for health. Participants who finish the program requirements can influence donations to health charities. 


Google Health Goes Live
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  • Jonathan

    Personally I think that google already knows to much about to many people and things. I certainly dont want to give them any of my health information. Yea they say there is security etc but I dont trust them one bit.

  • http://bitchslappin.net bj

    If Google really thinks that they’ll be able to keep the lid on this info once the Wall Streeters and Insurance Companies realize the implications of having access to all that scrumptious information, they’re Freaking Fools . . . or backroom dealing . . .

  • http://www.hophunt.com Free Traffic

    Access to personal health information by big G and their
    partner organizations might lead to dangereous hacking
    of human health data…

    They can easily point who got a healthy liver, kindey, and
    other organs… they can easily tell which one needs this
    kind of medicine… and so on…


    They want to use this kind of scheme so they can easily target
    those specific patients for their Adwords and Adsense  Health
    Related Ads.

    They want to get more specific data from all the people in the
    US, UK, Canada, and other countries to deliver their Ads.

    That’s very obvious if you just open your mind.

    What can you say?

  • http://wehner.org Charles Douglas Wehner

    I see that Jason Lee Miller is a fan of the famous pop song "All Your Oil is Belong To Us". It should have been a hit. There was a conspiracy against it.

    However, in medicine there really are conspiracy problems. Files and x-rays go missing for "no apparent reason". The rate of data loss would not be tolerated in any other industry. However, medics seem to think it is normal.

    In Germany there was a Professor Julius Hackenthal, who invented the "Hackenthal Coffer" (Hackenthal case). Patients were advised to put all their files in the box, and keep it at home.

    This idea is a modern, Internet-based, version of the same thing.


    Charles Wehner


  • Anthony Smales

    The NHS has spent bllions on a project (NPfIT) which does much the same thing!

  • HJS

    The worrying phrase is :

    "Only the user and authorized health organizations, such as the ones Google has partnered with, will be able to access the information."

    There’s no way I’m giving my health data to Google

  • Anonymous

    I think all our dataBASES will be belongs to them soon or later.


  • http://www.answerblip.com/articles/health/fitness health facts

    thanks for another great article Jason

  • http://www.curehemroids.com/ Hemroids

    I think all people are going to work at Google.

  • http://www.whitenteeth.net John

    Google already has too much power, and I don’t think it’s appropriate to give it more. Medical records are something private and should remain this way.

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