Google Has Digg on the Brain

Is Google's Digg-Like Gadget an Indication of Future Plans?

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Google has released a gadget called What’s Popular for iGoogle. You may draw some connections between it and a certain site called Digg, and some are speculating that it is even an indication of a broader plan from Google to creep into Digg territory. What would a Google-owned version of Digg mean to you? Tell us.

Google says the What’s Popular gadget uses algorithms to find interesting content from a combination of user submissions and trends in aggregated user activity across a variety of Google services, like YouTube and Google Reader.

What's Popular Gadget from Google

Users can rate items that they like or dislike by clicking the ratings buttons next to each item. The gadget then looks at what users liked and disliked to adjust the ranking of items.

Users can directly submit URLs, and if they become popular, they can rise to the top of the list. You can associate your Google user name with your submissions, and edit titles and descriptions. You can also keep track of what you have submitted in the "My Adds" section. Yep, that sounds about like Digg.

What Happens if Google Launches it’s Own Digg? (What do you think?)

Well, you know how marketers are always struggling to get their content to reach the front page of Digg. And obviously they look for any way possible to get better results in Google, so it’s hard to imagine a Digg-like Google service not being constantly spammed. I would guess that with a Digg like site, you would have Digg-like problems as well .

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. For one, this is only a gadget right now, and there is no indication that getting your content ranked in it will have any effect whatsoever in getting your content ranked in Google itself. But if Google turned this into a full-fledged site, would it be out of the realm of possibility for popular content to appear in Google’s universal search results, similar to say, YouTube, which actually has been known to improve search engine rankings? There’s also the social media leads to links scenario.

There has long been chatter about "what if Google bought Digg?"

"If you can’t beat them (or don’t feel like putting out the cash to acquire them), then join them," Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal comments about the service.

It is certainly interesting to think about Google running its own version of Digg while seemingly getting more social all around. Recently they have added the ability for Google profiles to be linked to vanity URLs, and have them show up in search results. Friend Connect of course is out there, and a number of other social functions are already residing within your Google account.

Google’s whole foray into social media is quite fascinating to me as it unfolds almost from the inside out without many people realizing it is happening. If you ask me, Google already has a leg or two up on other social networks too as it holds the largest brand on the web, and obviously search market share, and searches begin a lot of web sessions, not even taking into consideration the number of people who use Google as their homepage.

Do you think Google will take the What’s Popular gadget concept and turn it into a Digg-like site? Share your thoughts with WebProNews readers.

Google Has Digg on the Brain
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  • http://www.google-conquest-reviews.com Google Conquest

    This has really helped what im doing thank you!

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Adam

    Those that use social bookmarking sites like Digg to help with SEO will surely see this as an opportunity, because there’s no better than submitting to Google itself.

    Surely on Google’s part though it would make more sense to acquire one of the existing companies, not necessarily Digg but something similar at a more reasonable price.

  • http://asmarketing.wordpress.com The Long Tail Search

    Google has never been good at the social media. So now is there chance to get the ball rolling to get visitor to take action with these cool lo0oking widgets and interface.

  • http://linkdirs.blogspot.com/ Eric( SEO Link Directories )

    This is great piece of information. Will prove to be quite useful for my new sites. But i will still say that Google is good in copying stuff from the internet.

  • http://ebook-site.com Bryan Quinn

    Another great article from Chris Crum. I’ve been a subscriber to Webpronews for some time now and always look forward to these up-to-date postings. Thanks.

  • http://potpolitics.com Do follow

    cool info just tried it we will see what happens,pretty easy to submit
    PS looking for bloggers to network with ?
    Look me up drama and lamer FREE ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • An Internet User

    Okay, so the idea at digg, is to allow users to decide whats popular, not an algorithym. So if google automates the process, it is no longer a user driven popularity contest, but one that is determnined by google… how is that good? Social media in general is awesome cause its user driven, this is a step backwards, if it wants to aggregate information to let us know what popular on the web that is not the same as digg, where users make all the votes, so its a cool idea, but i dont think its real competition to digg, at least it should not be.

    • Chris Crum

      From my understanding, it’s using algorithms to collect info based on social activity that has already been taking place, and then it’s bringing it into Google’s interface where it is subject to further socially driven activity – where users can vote content up and down.

  • http://www.suround.com suround

    almost every year Google always update the his technology systems that can be used by many people.

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    Might as well keep the name close to Google’s own name and thanks for this article it’s something else for us to add to the list of things we do for clients ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • http://namelesskingdom.tk ambrose

    Does anyone else see Google becoming a monopoly? They have the search market cornered, one of the most widely used free e-mail services, a widely used blog platform, a news agent, the most widely used advertising program on the internet, social networking, site analytics apps, translation, feedburner, picasa, and a plethora of other stuff that is usually second rate(with the exceptions of Adsense, Picasa and Feedburner) and only gets used because it’s easy. Gigg will probably limp along like Orkut and a take away from sites that specialize and generate worthwhile media.

  • http://www.b-seenontop.com ShandE

    I think it makes perfect sense for Google to provide this functionality to it’s users. It’s a useful add-on to it’s existing product pool. They should not buy Digg or one of the other service providers, they should apply their incredible talet pool toward evolving a better offering, something that distinguishes it from others.

  • http://www.patrickmcmurray.com Patrick McMurray

    Lets digg a little deeper, but make sure you protect the hole you digg.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Filthy-Blonde/ Lila
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Filthy-Blonde/ Lila


    and therefore make them visible only to those who accept them or to machines where minors have access

    It should have read

    and therefore make them visible only to those who accept them or to EXCLUD THEM FROM machines where minors have access

  • http://web.spotcoolstuff.com Spot Cool Websites

    I can absolutely see Google buying Digg for the same reason they bought YouTube — that’s where the traffic is. Plus, as you’ve speculated so well, there’s a lot of cross-over potential between Digg and Google’s search engine.

  • http://www.networkofmarketers.blogspot.com Roger Riney

    I couldn’t guess, but one things for sure, they shouldn’t allow vulgar language in their gadget like Diggs does. I took Diggs off of my blog because of foul language. What’s wrong with people that can’t express themselves without using foul language? Short on vocabulary?

  • http://www.veefna.com Accounting Outsourcing

    Nice Post, Thanks for Sharing.

  • http://www.TheInternetGlassesCompany.co.uk Internet Glasses Comapny

    I think Google would be nieve to ignore the potential money making ability of a google owned digg site…. but, i fear for the internet community, this could (if not done correctly) become a haven for spammers and black hatters….. and no-one needs that !!

  • http://twitter.com/aks2008 Aswani

    The way Google has gone in the past and the way it is planning now, leaves me with no doubt that future of web belongs to Google. The digg like feature in iGoogle is just another example of how innovative this company is. Social media marketing is on rise and no doubt Google is eying this area to prove yet again that they are the best.

    In short, Google stands for –

    G – Great
    O – Outstanding
    O – Original
    G – Global
    L – Leader
    E – Example

  • http://www.yourtrustedtradesmen.com Local Tradesmen

    Google has to have it’s hand in every pie it seems to me, if they can improve on digg so be it, but if not leave alone
    Local Tradesmen

  • http://www.asterhost.com/ Asterhost

    there could be some changes for users, anyway Google may start own Digg like site

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I’m a web site owner of safety and security products with a forum that I place artlcles on every day. I love the idea since I can submit some of them but then I fall into that spam category…oops! Thanks, Chris, for this info.

  • http://ripsychotherapy.com Mike A.

    There’s only so much time in a day. Keeping up with facebook, twitter, myspace, digg, etc., etc. soaks a lot of time. I’m not sure how many of these will be left standing after the novelty wears off. If google can somehow incorporate several of these into one interface that would save time on the one hand and increase exposure on the other hand, then that’d be great. Until then, google’s new gadget is just another time consuming gadget.

  • http://www.melbourneonline.com.au/web-design.asp Mark – Web Design Melbourne

    Google used to be pioneers. They used to invent things well ahead of anyone else. What happened? Now all we hear about is how Google is buying another successful idea or starting their own to compete with a successful idea.
    They’ve gone from trendsetters to a giant corporate cliche. It’s a bit sad.

  • http://joomlasolutions.info Joomla

    Well, it is predictably..

  • http://blog.taragana.com/n/ Angsuman Chakraborty

    I think Google should let new business ideas thrive too without steamrolling its corporate machinery to effectively kill the market.

    I would prefer if Google focused on few core competencies instead of having its hand on every pie out there.

  • http://www.kmpfurniture.com furniture

    i hate that google wants to control every thing.

  • http://www.dogseizures.net Sam@dogseizures.net

    Google really wants to control the web. They are launching so many similar in demand services. Best luck to them, I hope their followers will embrace this decision in a positive way.

  • http://modern-bed-room-furniture.blogspot.com/ Hassna

    thank you

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