Google Earth Adds Cool Stuff With Boring Title

    September 14, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Need a guided tour about what’s going on the world? Google announced the addition of Featured Content, a collection of multimedia overlays in Google Earth. The Featured Content offering informs users about the environment, culture, history, wildlife and attractions world locations.

Access to the overlays are available through the Featured Content checkbox in the Google Earth sidebar. Information about individual locations is relayed from premium content providers like the United Nations Environmental Program, Discovery Networks, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Yes, that means monkeys.

Google says the Featured Content “showcase” will be routinely updated with information and that more content providers will be added.

“We are excited to provide users with the opportunity to learn more about the natural wonders and manmade landmarks of the world with Featured Content for Google Earth,” said John Hanke, director, Google Earth and Maps.

“We believe Google Earth is an excellent medium for organizing and sharing the world’s geographic information and we continue to explore opportunities to bring visually compelling and informative content into Google Earth.”

To start, partners for Featured Content are:

United Nations Environmental Program: Successive time-stamped images (code for “before and after shots”) of extreme environmental degradation, stretching from the deforestation of the Amazon to the recession of the Aral Sea in Asia.

Discovery Networks World Tour: For “armchair tourists” who like to travel virtually to major world attractions. Discovery will provide streaming video segments detailing the history and sites of various destinations.

National Park Service: Focuses on the 58 US national parks with descriptions, visitor facilities, and other information.

Jane Goodall Institute: Offers virtual access to Gombe preserve chimpanzees through the Institute’s “geo-blog” detailing chimp research and the effects of African deforestation.

Turn Here: Features free city video guides for travel, restaurants, hotels, local events and music from around the globe. Google says the short films are told from “an insider’s prospective” as hosts discuss the best pizza joints, hangouts, and local culture.

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