Google Docs & Spreadsheets Launches

    October 11, 2006

Check it:

TechCrunch already has an overview.

Looks like Docs & Spreadsheets replaces the “Spreadsheets” link in the Gmail link bar.

For the most part, all it seems to do is put Writely (now Google Docs, I presume) and Spreadsheets in a single place, without interaction between the two. You have a common file list, and some features exclusive to one program are now in both. For example, Spreadsheets chat feature is now available in Docs. You cannot embed spreadsheets within text documents, although Google told TechCrunch it is coming.

Docs & Spreadsheets requires IE6 or Firefox, and will not run under Opera or Safari.

Docs gets a Googly makeover, looking more like Gmail or Spreadsheets. I can’t find any way to create a new Spreadsheet, just a Doc, which suggests this is a work in progress. They might still be updating the site.

UPDATE: TechCrunch just pulled their article. If anyone has a copy, please send it to me.

UPDATE 2: I’ve got it. The entire article is below the jump. There are so many sites scraping from TechCrunch, it took Jason seconds to find it.

UPDATE 3: Jason says redirects to

UPDATE 4: There is now a “New Spreadsheet” link. This is truly a “launch in progress”. A cool feature found by slaven: You can email documents to an address and they will automatically appear in your D&S account. TechCrunch’s article is back, now with screenshots. Michael Arrington says it was an error where the post got set to private. I’ve commented out my reprint of their article.

UPDATE 5: Here are some Richard MacManus screenshots on Flickr:

Google Docs:

Google Spreadsheets:

Richard says, “Note to Google: next time please invite me to your blogger previews! What am I, chopped liver?” Agreed! TechCrunch clearly got it under embargo, but who else did?



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