Google Details Mountain View WiFi Plans

    November 11, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The proposal from Google to the leadership of its home city of Mountain View would place 300 transmitters on lightpoles to make the city one big wireless hotspot. highlighted the “unusual candor” with which Google discusses its offer to provide free wireless broadband access to the city of Mountain View:

“In our self-interest, we believe that giving more people the ability to access the Internet will drive more traffic to Google and hence more revenue to Google and its partner websites.”

Part of Google’s proposal will see it pay the City $12,600 annually for placing wireless equipment on lightpoles, as well as reimbursing the City for utility costs estimated at $3,000 to $4,000 per year.

A mobile library services vehicle, called the Googlemobile, will have wireless equipment installed to bring Internet access to its customers.

During the five-year term of service, Google will own the network. If it or the City decide to end the agreement, the City would have the option to purchase the network and either operate it or contract with a third-party to do so.

The company wrote in its letter why it is suited to make this offer:

“Google is in a unique position to offer free access to the Internet, since we have the ability to subsidize and earn revenue indirectly when these Wi-Fi users get on the Internet and access our and our partner sites. In addition, we also believe that this offering enables us to be a good corporate citizen and play a pioneering role in a public-private partnership to bridge the digital divide.”

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