Google Desktop Search Coming To Mac

    November 1, 2004

With the successful launch of their Desktop Search utility for Windows machines complete, Google has set their sites on bringing these same capabilities to the Mac community. This indicates a Mac version of Google Desktop Search is forthcoming.

According to a report that appeared in Reuters, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt revealed that Mac users would also be receiving a desktop search utility in the near future. There has been no official date announced by Google concerning the launch of the Mac tool. However, Schmidt conceded that GDS would have to be completely rebuilt in order to compensate for the fundamental differences between Windows and the Mac OS.

With some of the initial privacy issues surrounding Google’s Desktop Search and the upcoming launch of Tiger (featuring Spotlight), it’s hard not to question the necessity of making GDS a cross-platform utility. Granted, not all Mac users are going to immediately upgrade to Tiger in 2005; but with Google having to rebuild the tool, will there still be a demand among Mac users when GDS becomes available?

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