Google China Making Progress

    July 16, 2007

CEOCIO China Magazine, a Chinese business magazine, recently reported on Google’s effort to obtain a stronger position in the China market.

In mid -June Google China raised its profile by partnering with China’s number one news portal Google China also held the Google Industry Forum for marketing representatives and "Media Day" which highlighted Google’s technological achievements over the last year.

Google has been hesitant to follow the mainstream Chinese search market and create MP3 search services, which are popular with Chinese users. When Google has tried to follow a trend it has been criticized by its rivals of copying them.

One of Google’s keys to success in China is its ability to build alliances. On the same day that Google and SINA announced their partnership, Google’s search service was launched on SINA’s Technology channel. SINA is using its large traffic flow to trade for part of Google’s advertising revenues.

Google China’s strategies are starting to pay off. A recent poll by market research company AC Nielson found that in some specific user preference demographics, Google China is beginning to overtake Baidu by a small margin.