Google China Can Begin Recruiting

    September 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The public face of Google China on the mainland will be that of former Microsoft executive Dr. Kai-Fu Lee.

Google got their Doctor, while Microsoft got some limitations imposed on the Doctor by King County Superior Court in Washington. Though both tech powers have described the court’s decision on Dr. Lee and his noncompete agreement to be a win, it appears Google has come out ahead.

The San Francisco Chronicle describes Dr. Lee as a “a rock star among computer scientists” in China. His presence as Google’s top talent recruiter there will be a huge win for Google.

Perhaps Dr. Lee will be the first to enjoy the comforts of the new Boeing 767 Google Jet after its completion, and take a trip on it to China. Previous reports on court records have shown how Google described Dr. Lee’s availability for recruiting before the end of the year was both necessary and not a violation of his noncompete agreement.

The judge in the case will permit Dr. Lee to recruit, but he cannot work on search or on his doctoral specialty, speech recognition, during the remaining time on his one-year noncompete agreement. Though he can’t work on those technologies directly, Dr. Lee can certainly appeal to college graduates in China with aptitude in those areas, and steer them to Google China.

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