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    February 14, 2006

Google China now has a blog, although I doubt it’ll be talking about the things we think of when we hear the words “Google” and “China” together.

There are two posts so far, and at least I’m enjoying Google’s translation:

If the person which Google most cares about in this world is who, that is our user. Why is this we – clears the Google China blackboard newspaper in today – sweetheart festival the reason. We care about you, hopes and you together shares oneself.

Why is called the blackboard newspaper? Because we hope here becomes the ordinary Google staff (is called googler) with the user share intravenous drip, freely spreads the picture the small field, likes behind our childhood classroom the blackboard newspaper same. We are making whatever, what new matter did the company have, our new idea, new creativity

Is a blog a “blackboard newspaper”? I kind of like the analogy. I think I’ll call my next blog that. And what is this intravenous drip? SEW says the posts are about Valentine’s Day.

(via Philipp)

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