Google Celebrates “Watershed Moment” For Mobile Web

    March 19, 2008

We’re at an edge and about to go over it, according to Google.  Only, at least for people who intend to profit off the mobile market, this is a good transition; the mobile Internet is becoming increasingly popular.

Google Sees Bright Future For Mobile Web
 Mobile Internet — And Google Mobile — Growing.

With its Android platform coming out of the gates, Google’s not an impartial observer on this subject.  If there are any companies left that sell pagers, even they are probably claiming to see positive industry trends.  Matt Waddell, a product manager for Google Mobile, has more than a good feeling about the mobile growth, however.

"We are actually seeing a 20 percent increase in the number of searches by people," Waddell told Reuters.  Waddell used the term "watershed moment" to describe the current state of things.

Consider the search giant’s agreement with Nokia, along with its recently introduced My Location feature, and it seems like the company is indeed preparing for something big.  A fair chunk of its growing R&D budget is likely focused on mobile matters.

Then, to return to matters concerning Android and objectivity, there was the case of a Google exec expressing his belief that the platform will become more ubiquitous than the iPhone.