Google Base Gets New Bulk Upload Dashboard

    November 21, 2007

Buying in bulk is great until you actually have to transport and store 50 gallons of peanut butter or whatever else is at stake.  Uploading in bulk also has its share of problems, but Google Base has introduced a new bulk upload dashboard to make things simpler.

“Be it products, housing, jobs or vehicles, we want to make it easy for you to upload and manage your content in Base,” announced Dimitris Meretakis on the Official Google Base Blog.  “The new dashboard provides a better overview of the status of your bulk uploads and your items.”

A pictorial comparison followed, and the fresh arrangement is definitely a big improvement over the old one; in typical Google style, there’s little clutter and a lot of organization.  The presence of fewer colors even makes the font easier to read.

Meretakis more or less stopped giving out concrete facts at this point in the blog entry.  He did, however, state that other improvements are in the works, writing, “A number of useful features are underway . . . .  We’ll keep you posted as new features develop.”

Now, if I just didn’t have to make six trips to carry in all the paper towels.