Google Base Adds Traffic Stats

    August 21, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Google Base team added a few new features to its “My items” dashboard, allowing merchants to monitor search engine results pages (SERPs) impression, click-throughs, and page views.

The information stacks in three new columns on the dashboard. An impression is counted each time an item appears as part of a search on Google Base or Froogle; each time a person clicks on an item on the results page, a click is counted; each time a visitor views an item on a Google Base page, a page view is counted.

Google Base engineer Jean Tessier informs that impressions and clicks are updated daily, and that page views are updated several times per day. The statistics reflect activity dating back to June 7, 2006.

The page view numbers only reflect page views hosted on Google Base. The service does not monitor page views on websites outside the domain.

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