Google Analytics Takes On TV Campaigns

By: Doug Caverly - June 5, 2008

At least a couple pieces of evidence and another few rumors have suggested that Google TV Ads is struggling.  Yet with the introduction of Analytics reports on the matter, it seems Google is willing to let people see for themselves.

Users will be able to monitor impressions delivered, the number of ad plays, cost, and CPM, according to Jeff Gillis.  On the Google Analytics Blog, he writes, "You can now track these metrics and plot them alongside metrics already within Google Analytics, such as conversions, visits, and time on site.  This way, you can see correlations between a TV campaign and your website traffic."

Google Analytics
 Google Analytics In Action

Assuming there are some, at least.  The demo chart looks encouraging, but far from conquering television advertising, Google’s appeared to flounder.

A successful-in-this-market company probably wouldn’t "cover the cost of creating your TV ad through our Ad Creation Marketplace, up to $2000," for example.  And even as AdWords has become about as common as air in a lot of people’s lives, Gillis took a paragraph to explain the nature of AdWords TV Ads.

Still, the addition of reporting features suggests a respectable mixture of confidence and honesty.  Maybe Google TV Ads will have a good summer.

Doug Caverly

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