Google AdSense Writes Dishonored Check?

    July 16, 2007

From time to time, I like to mention Google’s market cap (currently at $173 billion), but it’s especially relevant to this story.  After all, if even little old me has never bounced a check, how did search giant Google manage to do so?

Debi Jones is apparently having quite a time getting her AdSense payments; according to a post on the mobilejones blog, she first requested a check two months ago, and there have been 28 exchanges with Google since then.  Barry Schwartz points out a mitigating factor: “reportedly, the woman changed her address but Google did not get the change of address.”

Yet the surprising thing is that, when Jones finally received her payment and took it to the bank, a teller stated, “There aren’t sufficient funds in the account to cover your check.”

Even more surprising is that someone claiming to be Matt Cutts showed up in the mobilejones “comments” section to apologize and assure Jones that Google is working on the matter; for any who had doubts, this occurrence would appear to substantiate the whole narrative.

There’s no happy ending, though.  Unless she’s received a valid check and just failed to write about it, Debi Jones is still waiting for payment from Google AdSense.