Google AdSense Now Available In Thai

    November 29, 2007

Google and Thailand haven’t always had the best relationship – a certain now-you’re-banned-and-now-you’re-not episode with YouTube was, at best, odd.  But the search giant’s setting those problems aside in pursuit of growth, and is offering AdSense for search in Thai.

Just a few days ago, Google Talk gained support for Thai.  That development was rather less interesting, though, since Thai was only one of 19 languages that were taken into account.  With this new update, a whole post on the Inside AdSense blog revolved around just the addition of Thai.

“If you manage a site primarily in Thai, you can now offer Google search results directly on your pages and monetize the results pages,” wrote Patcharin Areewong.  Then came a bit of a push: “Don’t have an account yet?  Feel free to submit an application today.”

Oh, well – despite its many charitable pursuits, it’s not like Google’s a non-profit organization.  And actually, considering that Thailand is a fairly well-populated country in Asia (where Google has put forth so much energy), the only surprising thing is that it took the company so long to offer AdSense in Thai.