Get More Traffic Using These Powerful Offline Advertising Techniques!

    August 20, 2003

With the invention of e-commerce and online storefronts we’ve ushered in a new low-cost way to promote and run a business. But still the fact remains that most businesses online are completely neglecting the affordable advertising methods available to us in the offline world.

With over 500 million households online, and even more accessing the Internet from work, now is the time to expand your marketing and bring the offline world to your website.

Advertising offline, using the methods I’m about to detail, is an effective way to bring new prospects to your site that you wouldn’t have reached through your online efforts. The Internet is a cluttered land — full of flashing banners and pop-ups — that sometimes distracts our prospects. But by reaching out to them offline we’re able to once again grab their attention using time-tested techniques, and in the end, bring them online for the purpose of visiting our site.

Here’s three effective ways that might not be new, but are often neglected as a way to bring new visitors to your website:


If you’ve done your marketing homework you know there’s an easy to identify audience that is in need of your product. And by taking your advertising offline, you now have a wide array of targeted publications to reach your audience.

Almost any product has a magazine or trade publication that reaches those interested in it. And by creating a classified ad that builds enough interest, it’s easy to simply provide a link to your website and get strong traffic for your efforts.

Plus, since we’re talking about using a URL instead of a long postal address, the expense is relatively low to run these ads.


Again, you can use the offline press to announce your website. And this is a free way to do it. Trade magazines might be interested in running a promotional story about your site. Or, maybe newspapers across the world will want to run something and give you free publicity.

A strong offline press release can open new doors of free advertising and shouldn’t be passed on.


An old staple of the mail order marketer, mailing lists are still a targeted way to bring new prospects to your website.

In fact, I’ve found that the response is better when compared to asking the prospect to write for more information. The Internet allows an interested person to simply type in a URL instead of filling out a form, finding a stamp, and getting the response to the mailbox.

There are different mailing lists available, and with a little searching you’re sure to find one that targets your precise market. Then you can mail a full-blown direct mail package to these lists or simply send out an inexpensive postcard that directs prospects to your Website.

With the ease of marketing offline, and the potential for bringing new prospects to your site, these three suggestions are ideas you should work to implement into your marketing strategy. When done right they open a completely new and sometimes easier means of getting the traffic you want. And they’re deadly effective for making your hits climb when combined with your traditional online marketing efforts.

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