Get Liquored Up with AdWords

    December 9, 2008
    Chris Crum

Google has gone and made some revisions to its policy for alcohol ads for AdWords. You might recall that they were not allowing alcohol ads, but then around Halloween, they began permitting beer, champagne, and wine ads.

Google Alcohol

Still, they would not permit ads for hard liquors and liqueurs. Now, even that has changed, although there are still some guidelines in tact.Amanda Kelly of the Inside AdWords crew writes:

To comply with the updated hard alcohol and liqueurs policy, advertisers must promote the information about hard alcohol and liqueurs that their websites contain, such as recipes and brand messages. Ads that directly promote the sale of hard alcohol and liqueurs are still not permissible through our program. In contrast, advertisements for beer may directly promote its sale.

For example, under the hard alcohol and liqueurs policy, you might market to individuals searching for helpful and relevant alcohol-related information by promoting holiday cocktail ideas or the caloric content of popular spiked beverages. Under the beer policy, you might state a specific sales promotion for a great winter ale.

Direct sale alcohol ads still seem to be  no problem when it comes to Google Checkout. This was reported on back in May, and so far nothing seems to have changed in that department.

Vodka Ads Appear in Google, Inspite of the Liquor Ad Ban in AdWords!

Anyhow, the liquor business has scored a nice new advertising venue with the search giant, and at a time when many businesses need all the sales they can get.