Fugu SSH/SFTP Client

    July 20, 2006

Fugu boasts an Apple Design award for Best Mac OS X Use of Open Source. As expected, I found myself wondering why the heck you need a gui interface for scp or sftp, but actually it turned out to be useful and .. I liked it.

Well, not entirely. There’s plenty that annoyed me. When I first fired this up and tried moving a file, the silly thing wanted to fire up BBEDIT after it was done. I don’t have BBEDIT, so it complains.

Huh? Why would you assume I want to edit something after I copy it? Ahh.. that’s the wacky Fugu interface. I had clicked “Edit” first, and that “sticks”. Any file dragged or double-clicked after that triggers the editing. The only way to get out of that mode is to disconnect and come back in.

Well, not quite. In Preferences, you can choose your preferred editor. I chose “vi” and found that doesn’t work – but gives no error message either. Apparently being unable to find “vi” doesn’t bother Fugu one bit.

Fugu carries this persistence idea to its text selection. I had copied down three files I didn’t want, so I highlighted them and clicked Delete. After the obligatory warning about the finality of my proposed actions, Fugu still had three files highlighted – just whatever was aplhabetically next. That’s just weird.

By the way, Fugu has no support for SSH key authentication. That’s not a show-stopper; just use ssh-agent in Terminal and do “open /applications/fugu.app”.

Fugo does offer a tunneling interface. That seems to work well, but it got very confused when I wanted to kill the tunnel. It did in fact tear the tunnel down, but didn’t know that it had done so – it thought the tunnel was still active and that it was unable to kill the process.

However, I did find this very useful for cleaning up junk. The graphical sftp let me sort by filename, date or size and I was able to spot a lot of old cruft I just hadn’t noticed in my command line excursions.

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