Fox, Buggia Forming O’Reilly Found Search Conference

    November 25, 2008

It’s happened time and time again: a search marketer, full of interesting ideas, returns from a conference and then is able to explain only a fraction of them to his team’s developers.  Vanessa Fox and Nathan Buggia intend to circumvent this problem with the O’Reilly Found Search Acquisition and Architecture Conference.

O’Reilly Found will be a search-centric gathering aimed directly at developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.  At PubCon in Las Vegas, Fox told our own Mike McDonald, "This conference we’re going to have a lot of developers speaking, so it’ll be very technical."

She then explained, "We’ll talk about pros and cons . . . a lot of diagnostic information . . . .  What type of metrics to take a look at, how to know if what you’re doing is really the best way to spend your time."

Buggia dug into even more issues, saying one big question that’ll be addressed is, "What are the right design patterns?"  There’s no need to worry about hearing a lot of not-right-for-you information, however, as he next asked, "Of all the different platforms that exist out there . . . what do you need to do to be successful with any one of those?"

Buggia also acknowledged, "Like everything, there’s not one perfect design pattern for everything. . . .  Companies can’t throw out what they have, they have to be successful with what they have, so we’ll try and help make that as seamless as possible."

Fox and Buggia are still looking for speakers and session ideas, so folks should feel free to fire off an email if any of this sounds interesting.  The conference will be held between June 9th and 11th in San Francisco (Buggia guarantees warm and sunny weather), and more information is available through the official O’Reilly Found site.