Former eBay CEO Wants to Be Next California Governor

You Were Expecting Maybe Robocop?

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Everybody knew it was coming, but today, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman announced her announced she has formed an exploratory committee that will see her running for Governor of California in 2010. Whitman is a fifty-two year old Republican, and aims to replace John Matrix himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Meg Whitman's Website

“California faces challenges unlike any other time in its history — a weak and faltering economy, massive job losses, and an exploding state budget deficit,” Ms. Whitman said in a statement. “California is better than this, and I refuse to stand by and watch it.”

Whitman uses a YouTube video to get her message out and tells Californians that she wants to "hear from you." These are certainly familiar tactics for political campaigning.

Whitman served as President and CEO of eBay from March 1998 until March 2008 when the reigns were handed over to John Donahoe. Since then, eBayers have had, we’ll say mixed emotions about the company.

Whitman named Pete Wilson as campaign chairman with co-chairs Kevin McCarthy and Mary Bono Mack. According to the New York Times, the most likely competitors Whitman will face for the Republican nomination include Steve Poizner and Tom Campbell. Arnold will not be up for re-election.

Former eBay CEO Wants to Be Next California Governor
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  • http://www.eminiforecast.info/blog Kevin

    The biggest challenge she will have is local / state / Federal governments are not run like corporations. If she ran ebay like any state is run they would have been bankrupt a long time ago. A CEO can make sweeping changes while eventually being held accountable by the board and shareholders. But as governor she will not be able to make any changes without the fine folks at the state house agreeing first..

  • Hilary Smith

    And what will another Republican have to offer but more Social Darwinism? The problem with Right-wing ideology is that at its core lies the idea that it’s morally acceptable to let poor people starve to death. This has always been the fundamental principle. Well, thanks, but no thanks. If you’re not for the People, do society a favor and stay home.

  • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Brave Agent Pubeit

    eBay started going downhill several years before Donahoe took over when Meg was CEO.

    You know California is supposed to be the most left-wing state in the USA, but they nearly always elect very right-wing governers, oddly.

    Oh and anyone watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. They showed a shot of the California governer and very oddly, in that show, Arnold is not the governor. It would have been funny if they had him be governor and the show’s characters were all “Oh my god, dude, Skynet put a T-101 as governor!”

  • Roy

    If she makes the same things, as in the case of eBay, then Goodbye California.

    Please, do not vote Meg Whitman this is the ruin !


    • Mac

      This lady destroyed Ebay and every other company she touched / bought during her tenure as CEO. If she couldnt handle her fiduciary responsibilities as CEO of a public company (ie: she destroyed billions in shareholder value), what makes anyone think that she can create value and jobs in California? In my opinion if you give her a bigger job she will just create a bigger disaster. The ONLY thing she was successful at was maintaining her position on Jim Cramer’s Wall of Shame; which “honors” other idiots such as the former CEO of Citi Chuck Prince and other colorful shareholder value destroying characters, many of whom are directly responsible for the current economic mess we are in. If you want to elect a “business person” (and I use that term loosely), elect someone who created jobs and shareholder value and NOT someone who took millions of dollars in earnings at the expense of innocent shareholders who trusted this person to manage Ebay effectively and grow their wealth.


  • http://www.libertarianrepublican.blogspot.com Eric Dondero

    Schwarzenegger is about as far left in the GOP as you can get and still be a Republican. He’s a RINO: Republican In Name Only. Yes, there was a time when he was more limited government. Now he’s just a Democrat.

    Whitman sounds like she’d be much better. But California has become so far leftwing Socialist/Fascist that even with her getting elected, the State may have past the point of no return.

    What California needs is a slash and burn approach to all government programs. Cut back EVERYWHERE! Fire State Employees. Abolish State Programs. Anything less will lead to complete destruction of the State.

  • http://www.indiesurf.com Darren Tan

    Wow, it seems that everyone loves being a Governor… Let’s see how far she would go.. :-) It’s California at stake here, so think carefully people.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/Pittsburgh-Scientology Pittsburgh Scientology

    Right now I don’t know that ebay is the best place to have come from with all the anti-ebay stuff going on.

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