Flickr Refines Search Results Pages

    August 4, 2009
    Chris Crum

There is a lot of redesigning of Yahoo properties going on these days. Earlier today, some big changes were announced for delicious. The Yahoo homepage was recently redone of course. Now Flickr has redesigned its search results page. The company says the new design makes it easier to browse through the billions of photos and videos on the site, and to connect to the communities that can help make sense of them.

View Controls

"Note the new ‘View controls at the top of the page, these allow you to display the results in different sizes and formats," says Shanan Delp on the Flickr Blog. "Both small and medium views have an ‘i’ icon on every thumbnail — click it to see more detailed information about a particular photo. We’re also doing some whiz bang stuff in the small view to take advantage of as much space as you have on your screen, just try resizing your browser to see."

Flickr Search View Controls

How Pictures Are Tagged

Also added to the Flickr search result page is a side menu showing pictures based on their tags. You’ll get recommendations for:

– Groups
– Photographers
– Tag clusters
– Places that are most closely related

Flickr Search side menu

Summary Info

"Lastly, we’re exposing simple summary information on the page as you refine your search," says Delp. "For example, try looking for

Creative Commons licensed videos of dogs made after 1st January 2009 and you’ll see all that information listed above your search. Over time, we’ll bring more and more advanced features directly into the page."

That about does it for the changes. Flickr requests that you report any bugs or other feedback to them in the Help Forum. What do you think of the new results pages?