First Origami Photoshops Appear

    March 6, 2006

Origami (yes, there’s already an Origami news site) has an image of what a final Microsoft Origami device might look like.

Now, experience with iPod hype (and this is about at about 80% of typical iPod hype) says that these are almost always Photoshops, but at least the pretty pictures let us dream and imagine what the final devices may look like.

This version features a media browser called “Alexandria” (probably a reference to the great library) that lets you browse your media library and download new content. The actual device itself has only one round pad (as opposed to the two pads in the original video), as well as nine buttons on its face. It doesn’t look quite “iPod slick” as I’d like, more like Portable Media Center bulky. However, the UI follows Windows Vista guidelines, which could hint to some very interesting things for the OS.

I assume this is a Photoshop, but if it isn’t, it isn’t running Windows XP, but some sort of custom Windows version that looks like a cross between Vista and Windows Mobile. Vista Embedded, perhaps?

(via Engadget)

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