FeedBurner Deal Could Be Good For Google

    May 21, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The rumor that Google is eyeballing FeedBurner for a cool $100 million has folks talking about what that could mean for Google’s search result relevancy, and the company’s ability to identify splogs, differentiating them from legitimate blogs.

The GoogleBurner deal, at this point is still a diapered rumor, first appearing late last week.

As Doug Caverly reported, the announcement has supposedly been delayed due to the trouble the Mountain View giant has encountered trying to close the DoubleClick buy.

Though it’s still (presumably solid) rumor, search engine optimization experts are already contemplating what a FeedBurner acquisition would mean to their business.

Though it would further entrench Google in the RSS realm, the relationship could increase relevancy and give Google’s magic algorithm a better feel for blog authority.

Technorati’s been the blog search engine mainstay for most of us, consistently offering better results and a better interface than the others. FeedBurner could only help Google Blog Search establish a lasting presence.

SEO Book’s Aaron Wall explains why:

Few people subscribe to or link at a fake blog or unoriginal blog. Owning the leading reader, the leading feed provider, the leading analytics product, and the leading ad platform should give them a pretty good idea of what is real.

And suddenly splogs become a lot easier to combat. Thousands of made-for-AdSense and bogus blogs are set up daily to glean all the click-pennies the Web has to offer.

But subscriber information gives Google a clearer picture of what’s true and what’s not.

Not everyone’s convinced that it’ll be the splog-fighter it could be touted as.

Critics note that as soon as word gets out that Google is using FeedBurner to influence search results, a whole new spam is likely to emerge.