Federated Media Talks To Bank

    January 24, 2008

Of the seven navigational tabs on Savvian’s website, the third is titled "Mergers and Acquisitions."  And a connection between Savvian and Federated Media may revolve around exactly that topic.

"A source close to the company says the bank will mainly be used to vet numerous incoming queries – not to solicit buyers or investors," reports Rafat Ali.  "Another source, this one among the interested parties, says thatFederated Media Talks To Bank FM is indeed looking to raise as much as $50 million, and the valuation is in the $125 million pre-money range."

The first scenario might make a little more sense, given the current market situation.  A lot of VCs aren’t acting too nervous, though, so asking for money couldn’t hurt.

Owen Thomas introduces one more factor into the equation, writing, "Battelle’s choice of a banker is curious: Savvian is known for helping companies in dire straits."

So there’s quite a range of options, really, and we wouldn’t expect anything else on a slow Friday.  Should one of the rumors solidify, though, we’ll be sure to provide updates.