FCC Has No Problems With Dream

    August 18, 2008

Here’s some good news for Google, T-Mobile, and a certain device manufacturer: the FCC has approved the HTC Dream (A.K.A. the first "Googlephone") for sale.  And it looks like that launch may occur around November 10th.

The FCC got its hands on all sorts of stuff in order to conduct routine tests.  It stated as a result, "This Device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules," which means the Dream won’t cause interference and will accept interference that’s sent its way.  The FCC also released a vague little diagram.

Google Phone
 HTC Dream Diagram

However, due to a letter from Dalton Chuang, a senior manager at HTC, external photos, internal photos, test setup photos, and a Dream user manual will be kept private until Tracy Morgan’s birthday.

The most likely reason for this to allow the involved companies to conduct their own advertising campaign leading up to that time.  An early November release will put the Dream within reach of Christmas shopping crowds, and an extra dose of secrecy and hype should add to any existing excitement.

Credit goes to Thomas Ricker for digging up the FCC documents.  An important note: we’re all still waiting to hear about prices.